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The Sanctum Cay Runner build is designed specifically to run the Sanctum Cay mission.

Attributes and Skills[]

WarriorMesmerWarrior / Mesmer Attribute Rank
Inspiration 3
Tactics 12 + 1 + 1
Strength 12 + 2




Mantra of Flame.jpg

Mantra of Flame

Endure Pain.jpg

Endure Pain

"Shields Up!".jpg

"Shields Up!"

Dolyak Signet.jpg

Dolyak Signet

"Watch Yourself!".jpg

"Watch Yourself!"

Healing Signet.jpg

Healing Signet

Attributes and Skills[]

WarriorMonkWarrior / Monk Attribute Rank
Strength 12+ 1
Protection Prayers 8
Smiting 2
Tactics 9+ 1
Shield of Regeneration.jpg

Shield of Regeneration



Shielding Hands.jpg

Shielding Hands

Dolyak Signet.jpg

Dolyak Signet

Defensive Stance.jpg

Defensive Stance

Healing Signet.jpg

Healing Signet

Balthazar's Spirit.jpg

Balthazar's Spirit

Watchful Spirit.jpg

Watchful Spirit

Items and Equipment[]


Run to the end[]

The entire mission can be run using "Charge!", Sprint, and Healing Signet, except for the defense of Vizier Khilbron.

About half of the way through the run you will enter a swamp area with poisonous water. Right before this area there are two groups of Hellhounds that can push you against a wall and surround you. If you wait at the bend in the path, it should be simple to dodge them by getting them to run in one direction, then sprinting off in the other. You could even pull the hellhounds away from the narrow path to make sure you get past them.

However, lag can render this technique useless, and get you stuck while it looks like you are several paces in front of them. If you are getting hit but after moving you are "teleported" back to the same location, you are trapped even though you appear to be in front. If possible, run back; you may only be blocked in the front. This will give you another chance to dodge them. If you are completely surrounded, equip your sword and fight the one that appears to be blocking your path. Their attacks will not hurt you, but they will cause bleeding, so you will need to use Healing Signet several times. Once you are free, start running again. Don't forget to pick up the Scepter of Orr before you dash off!

Hug the right wall when running through the swamp. Open the gate as quickly as possible as the Bone Dragon boss will be following you closely. (Use Endure Pain if you need it) After opening the gate, run to the clearing on the right and heal up. The run from here to the dock is trivial.

Just before reaching the dock there will be a group of enemies with a boss. Run past them and do not allow them to follow you to the beach. If they do, the build's defensive skills will not be sufficient to keep you alive. If you are running other players, make sure they do not follow you at this point. They may bring the boss down to the beach, or cause the White Mantle to attack the Vizier if they run around on the beach enough.

Run to the End W/Mo Style[]

Keep spaming sprint and heal with low health.

Defending the Vizier[]

When the Vizier begins to summon the ship stand a few yards off of the dock. Make sure you are far enough away that none of the White Mantle see the Vizier; the success of the run depends on you being able to keep enemy focus on yourself and off of him. Begin attacking the first enemy that is in range, and immediately use Mantra of Flame,"Shields Up!", which will counter the White Mantle Seekers' arrows; and Dolyak Signet, which will dramatically increase your armor. Use "Watch Yourself!" whenever it becomes available. Continue attacking and using these four skills whenever any of them recharges. Remember to ALWAYS keep up your four defensive skills. Using Mantra of flame keeps your energy at max so energy won't be a problem.

When all four of these skills are up, only the White Mantle Savants will inflict noticable damage, via Searing Heat. Use Healing Signet whenever you sustain any damage; after several groups of White Mantle move in, you will need to use it almost constantly. However, you should prefer using the four defensive skills over Healing Signet unless you are below 50% health.

When the ship surfaces, wait for the dock ramp to drop. Then use "Charge!", Sprint, and Endure Pain and run onto the deck. (Dolyak Signet may slow your movement here, but it is of no consequence, you'll need to wait it out , when it ends run to the dock.)

It is very likely that the Vizier will die after the cut scene begins. However, this does not seem to affect the mission outcome; he will simply disappear when he dies and will still be present in the rest of the scene.

Defending the Vizier For W/Mo[]

When they come at you, you have to keep spamming Dolyak Signet, Shielding Hands, Defensive Stance, Healing Signet, and Shield of Regeneration. Remember to have Watchful Spirit, and Balthazar's Spirit on at all times.


  • "I Will Survive!" can be used instead of Mantra of Flame to strengthen you against conditions.
  • Signet of Stamina can be used in place of Endure Pain(Recommended).
  • Charging Strike (low recharge time and can use again before it expires) can replace "Charge!" and Sprint, it will keep you running at 33% faster and leaves one skill slot for a stance.
  • Protector's Defense is a good addition if you decide to replace "Charge" and Sprint.