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Last update: Friday, 20:20 (UTC)

Elonian Support Bonus — 31 March 2014

The Land of the Golden Sun requires your aid! Receive double Sunspear and Lightbringer points (excluding completed books) as you battle across Elona. Weekly bonuses last until 3PM GMT on Monday.

Codex Arena Bonus — 31 March 2014

Playing by the rules is twice as rewarding this week. Double Balthazar faction and Codex title points while fighting in the Codex Arena! Weekly bonuses last until 3PM GMT on Moday.

Game updates:

Date Zaishen Mission Zaishen Bounty Zaishen Vanquish Zaishen Combat Shining Blade Bounty Nicholas Sandford Vanguard Quests
Reset time → 11:00a EST 2:00p EST 11:00a EST
Fri, May 14 The Frost Gate Verata Vehjin Mines Alliance Battle Insatiable Vakar Worn Belt Footman Tate
Sat, May 15 Augury Rock Droajam, Mage of the Sands Poisoned Outcrops Guild vs Guild Amalek the Unmerciful Dull Carapace Bandits
Sun, May 16 Grand Court of Sebelkeh Royen Beastkeeper Prophet's Path Codex Arena Carnak the Hungry Grawl Necklace Utini Wupwup
Mon, May 17 Ice Caves of Sorrow Eldritch Ettin The Eternal Grove Random Arena Valis the Rampant Baked Husk Duke Gaban
Tue, May 18 Raisu Palace Vengeful Aatxe Tasca's Demise Fort Aspenwood Cerris Skeletal Limb Undead
Wed, May 19 Gate of Desolation Fronis Irontoe Resplendent Makuun Alliance Battle Sarnia the Red-Handed Unnatural Seed Blazefiend Griefblade
Thu, May 20 Thirsty River Urgoz Reed Bog Jade Quarry Destor the Truth Seeker Enchanted Lodestone Farmer Hamnet
Fri, May 21 Blacktide Den Fenrir Unwaking Waters Codex Arena Selenas the Blunt Skale Fin Charr
Sat, May 22 Against the Charr Selvetarm Stingray Strand Heroes' Ascent Justiciar Amilyn Icy Lodestone Countess Nadya
Sun, May 23 Abaddon's Mouth Mohby Windbeak Sunward Marches Guild vs Guild Maximilian the Meticulous Gargoyle Skull Footman Tate
Mon, May 24 Nundu Bay Charged Blackness Regent Valley Alliance Battle Joh the Hostile Dull Carapace Bandits
Tue, May 25 Divinity Coast Rotscale Wajjun Bazaar Heroes' Ascent Barthimus the Provident Baked Husk Utini Wupwup
Wed, May 26 Zen Daijun Zoldark the Unholy Yatendi Canyons Guild vs Guild Calamitous Red Iris Flower Duke Gaban
Thu, May 27 Pogahn Passage Korshek the Immolated Twin Serpent Lakes Codex Arena Greves the Overbearing Spider Leg Undead
Fri, May 28 Tahnnakai Temple Myish, Lady of the Lake Sage Lands Fort Aspenwood Lev the Condemned Skeletal Limb Blazefiend Griefblade
Sat, May 29 The Great Northern Wall Frostmaw the Kinslayer Xaquang Skyway Jade Quarry Justiciar Marron Charr Carving Farmer Hamnet
Sun, May 30 Dasha Vestibule Kunvie Firewing Zehlon Reach Random Arena Justiciar Kasandra Enchanted Lodestone Charr
Mon, May 31 The Wilds Z'him Monns Tangle Root Codex Arena Vess the Disputant Grawl Necklace Countess Nadya
Tue, June 1 Unwaking Waters The Greater Darkness Silverwood Guild vs Guild Justiciar Kimii Icy Lodestone Footman Tate
Wed, June 2 Chahbek Village TPS Regulator Golem Zen Daijun Jade Quarry Zaln the Jaded Worn Belt Bandits
Thu, June 3 Aurora Glade Plague of Destruction The Arid Sea Alliance Battle Justiciar Sevaan Gargoyle Skull Utini Wupwup
Fri, June 4 A Time for Heroes The Darkness Nahpui Quarter Heroes' Ascent Insatiable Vakar Unnatural Seed Duke Gaban
Sat, June 5 Consulate Docks Admiral Kantoh Skyward Reach Random Arena Amalek the Unmerciful Skale Fin Undead
Sun, June 6 Ring of Fire Borrguus Blisterbark The Scar Fort Aspenwood Carnak the Hungry Red Iris Flower Blazefiend Griefblade
Mon, June 7 Nahpui Quarter Forgewight The Black Curtain Jade Quarry Valis the Rampant Enchanted Lodestone Farmer Hamnet
Tue, June 8 The Dragon's Lair Baubao Wavewrath Panjiang Peninsula Random Arena Cerris Skeletal Limb Charr
Wed, June 9 Dzagonur Bastion Joffs the Mitigator Snake Dance Fort Aspenwood Sarnia the Red-Handed Charr Carving Countess Nadya
Thu, June 10 D'Alessio Seaboard Rragar Maneater Traveler's Vale Heroes' Ascent Destor the Truth Seeker Spider Leg Footman Tate
Fri, June 11 Assault on the Stronghold Chung, the Attuned The Breach Alliance Battle Selenas the Blunt Baked Husk Bandits
Sat, June 12 The Eternal Grove Lord Jadoth Lahtenda Bog Guild vs Guild Justiciar Amilyn Gargoyle Skull Utini Wupwup
Sun, June 13 Sanctum Cay Nulfastu, Earthbound Spearhead Peak Codex Arena Maximilian the Meticulous Unnatural Seed Duke Gaban