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Argent Shroud Ranger-icon.pngTyrian

Prophecies Progress
All Primary Quests and most Missions
Tyrian Traveller (43.2%)
Factions Progress
Enough to obtain some skills and gain Zenmai
Canthan Shortcut Taker (27.9%)
Nightfall Progress
Completed all primary quests and enough missions to finish
Elonian Sightseer (14.0%)

Pet - Ting Zoo (Hearty Stalker)

Olias-Zenmai-Koss-Melonni-Tahlkora-Dunkoro-Acolyte Jin-Zhed Shadowhoof-Margrid the Sly-Goren-General Morgahn-Acolyte Sousuke-Norgu-Master of Whispers

Argent Shroud.jpg

Enraged Beast Ranger/Monk
Expertise: 8+1 Beastmastery:12+1+1
Marksmanship:10+1 Protection Prayers: 3+1

Brutal Strike Enraged Lunge Call of Haste Call of Protection Otyugh's Cry Comfort Animal Charm Animal Rebirth

Quick Broad Ranger/Monk
Expertise: 10+1 Marksmanship:12+2
Wilderness Survival:8+1 Protection Prayers: 3+1

Distracting Shot Savage Shot Broad Head Arrow Apply Poison Serpent's Quickness Throw Dirt Troll Unguent Rebirth

Conditions Ranger/Monk
Expertise: 8+1 Beast Mastery: 8
Marksmanship:12+1+1 Wilderness Survival:7+1

Distracting Shot Savage Shot Poisonous Bite Burning Arrow Barbed Arrows Comfort Animal Charm Animal Rebirth