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Symbol Quest Type
Signet of Capture.png Generic Skill Quests for all professions
Warrior Profession Skill Quest for Warriors only
Ranger Profession Skill Quest for Rangers only
Monk Profession Skill Quest for Monks only
Necromancer Profession Skill Quest for Necromancers only
Mesmer Profession Skill Quest for Mesmers only
Elementalist Profession Skill Quest for Elementalists only
Recharge.png Repeatable Quests
Quest.png Required to leave Pre-Searing Ascalon
Person Quest Comments Done?

Ascalon City[]

Armin Saberlin The Path to Glory Primary Quest
Armin Saberlin A Second Profession Primary Quest
Baron Egan Bandit Raid
Baron Egan The Poison Devourer
Namar Poor Tenant
Prince Rurik Charr at the Gate Yes.png
Prince Rurik Charr in the Catacombs
Sandre Elek The Wayward Wizard
Sir Tydus War Preparations Primary Quest Yes.png
Town Crier Message from a Friend Primary Quest
Town Crier Trouble in the Woods

Lakeside County[]

Alison the Tanner Little Thom's Big Cloak
Artemis the Ranger Ranger Test RangerQuest.png NA-icon-small.png
Captain Osric A Gift for Althea
Chantalle the Troubadour The Hunter's Horn
Ciglo the Monk Monk Test MonkQuest.png NA-icon-small.png
Devona Opposition to the King
Devona Tithe for Ashford Abbey Skill Point
Devona Unsettling Rumors Primary Quest
Duke Gaban The Egg Hunter
Farmer Dirk The Prize Winning Hogs Recharge.png
Gate Guard Torin Across the Wall
Gwen Gwen's Flute
Haversdan Further Adventures
Haversdan A New Elementalist Trainer Elementalist NA-icon-small.png?
Haversdan A New Mesmer Trainer Mesmer NA-icon-small.png?
Haversdan A New Monk Trainer Monk NA-icon-small.png?
Haversdan A New Necromancer Trainer Necromancer NA-icon-small.png?
Haversdan A New Ranger Trainer Ranger
Haversdan A New Warrior Trainer Warrior
Howland the Elementalist Elementalist Test ElementalistQuest.png NA-icon-small.png
Lady Althea A Mesmer's Burden MesmerQuest.png (See A Second Profession)
Lina the Healer Adventure with an Ally Signet of Capture.png
Old Mack The Rogue's Replacement
Pitney The Prize Moa Bird
Pitney The Worm Problem
Sebedoh the Mesmer Mesmer Test MesmerQuest.png NA-icon-small.png
Van the Warrior Warrior Test WarriorQuest.png
Verata the Necromancer Necromancer Test NecromancerQuest.png NA-icon-small.png

Green Hills County[]

Grazden the Protector Protection Prayers Monk NA-icon-small.png?
Kasha Blackblood The Power of Blood Necromancer NA-icon-small.png?
Warmaster Grast Grawl Invasion WarriorQuest.png (See A Second Profession)

Ashford Abbey[]

Brother Mhenlo A Monk's Mission MonkQuest.png (See A Second Profession)
Brother Mhenlo The Blessings of Balthazar Monk NA-icon-small.png?

The Catacombs[]

Necromancer Munne The Necromancer's Novice NecromancerQuest.png (See A Second Profession)
Necromancer Munne Rites of Remembrance
Oberan the Reviled The Accursed Path Necromancer NA-icon-small.png?

The Barradin Estate[]

Duke Barradin The True King
Duke Barradin Warrior's Challenge Warrior
Little Thom The Vineyard Problem Warrior

Regent Valley[]

Hunters The Bear Hunters Recharge.png 60
Ivor Trueshot A Test of Marksmanship Ranger
Mary Malone The Orchard
Master Ranger Nente The Ranger's Companion RangerQuest.png (See A Second Profession)

Wizard's Folly[]

Aidan Unnatural Growths Ranger
Elementalist Aziure The Elementalist Experiment ElementalistQuest.png (See A Second Profession)

Foible's Fair[]

Ralena Stormbringer The Supremacy of Air Elementalist NA-icon-small.png?
Vassar Domination Magic Mesmer NA-icon-small.png?