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I'm also Carmine on GW guru.

Carmine Incarnate: W
Alestia Fulgida: E
Cerulean Sorceress: Me
Lambent Lilac: Rt
Pavonated Paradigm: P
Pulsating Growth: N
Set Up Us Teh Bomb: R
Smart As: A
Too Much Info: D
Verdant Deathmonk: Mo
PVP Slot: Usually Me

  • Magnetic Monopole
  • Del X E Dbdt

I'm on Verdant more than anyone else.

Verdant's Vitals:
Experience: Over 6.5 million.
Skill Hunter Track: Legendary Skill Hunter.
Elonian Vanquisher: Elonian Vanquisher.
Canthan Vanquisher: 29/33.
Tyrian Vanquisher: 13/54.

Every time I think about R/Ns, I touch myself.

High-End Items for Sale[]

WTS kitten...perfect grey tabby, r9, +15% TLC, +5 energy, 80% chance half productivity, 80% chance half sleep. c/o 500 sapphires

New Class Idea: The Cook[]

  • Divine Flavor (Primary): Each rank in this attribute increases the range and potency of Consumables and Poisons by 3.2% (rounded).
  • Flavor of the Gods: Each rank in Flavor of the Gods increases the boon granted by ladling allies or Consumables in the area.
  • Mignon Mastery: Increases duration and potency of Consumables that benefit allies.
  • Frogmastery: Increases duration and potency of Poisons that hinder foes.

The Cook has a base armor level of 80, making them the most durable buff/debuff class. They have a base energy of 30,


Gourmet (image) Armor +5 (while affected by 1 or more Consumables)
Armor +5 (while affected by 2 or more Consumables)
Armor +5 (while affected by 3 or more Consumables)
Armor +5 (while affected by 4 or more Consumables)
Anorexic's (image) Armor +10 (while not affected by a Consumable)

Weapon: Ladle.

   * Ranged weapon, with height affecting amount of whisking done.
   * Range: Recurve Bow range (~1.2 aggro circle radii); equivalent to standard casting range; not affected by height.
   * Arc size: Small
   * Projectile flight time: ~0.6 seconds at Shortbow range.
   * Minimum whisking range: 1-3
   * Maximum whisking range: 6-28
   * Attack interval: 2 seconds

Offhand: Cookbook.

Key Skills:

  • Dork's Frog: Target gains 80 armor, but loses 10 levels (max health is reduced by 200, and attributes are reduced by 5) for 1..6 minutes.
  • Oblivion Armor: Target gains 80 armor, but may not use any non-elite skills for 10..40 seconds.
  • Essence of Celery: All party members gain 25% faster movement and attack speeds, and skill activation and recharge times are reduced by 25% for the next 20..60 seconds.
  • Grawl of Might: All party members gain +100 maximum Health, +10 maximum Energy, and +1 to all of their attributes for the next 20..60 seconds.

(Please feel free to make suggestions on this new class idea stub!)

How to Spot a Carmine In-Game[]

"Judas Monk LFG"
"GLF nubs, no pros pls"

You Know You've Been Playing GW and Editing Wiki Talk Pages Too Much When...[]

  • You sign an e-mail "--~~~~".
  • Your finger twitches toward where the "Reversal of Fortune" key would be when you say something stupid.