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This user "GW-Galahad" prefers to use the enhanced profile.

Campaigns quick access
Campaign/Expansion Intro Storyline Missions Quests Locations Collectors Trainers Elite skills "Green" weapons
Core / Common Core Quests Core Locations Core Capture  
Bonus Mission Pack Bonus Missions
Prophecies logo sml.png
GWP Intro GWP Story GWP Missions GWP Quests GWP Locations GWP Collectors GWP Trainers GWP Capture
GWP Greens GWP Greens list
Factions logo sml.png
GWF Intro GWF Story GWF Missions GWF Quests GWF Locations GWF Collectors GWF Trainers GWF Capture GWF Greens GWF Greens list
Nightfall logo sml.png
GWN Intro GWN Story GWN Missions GWN Quests GWN Locations GWN Collectors GWN Trainers
GWN Capture GWN Greens GWN Greens list
Eye of the North
GWEN Intro GWEN Story GWEN Missions GWEN Quests GWEN Locations GWEN Collectors GWEN Trainers
GWEN Capture GWEN Greens GWEN Greens list

Professions quick access
Profession Guides:
Pri / Sec
Skills Armor Weapons
all elite general collector headgear "green" crafted collector attribute
Warrior Warrior W / ? W W W W W W W W Axe Ham Str Sword Tact
Ranger Ranger R / ? R R R R R R R R Marksmanship
Monk Monk Mo / ? Mo Mo Mo Mo Mo Mo Mo Mo D F Heal Prot Smite
Necromancer Necromancer N / ? N N N N N N N N Blood Curse Death S R
Mesmer Mesmer Me / ? Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Dom F C Illu Insp
Elementalist Elementalist E / ? E E E E E E E E Air Earth E S Fire Water
Assassin Assassin A / ? A A A A A A A A Dagger Mastery
Ritualist Ritualist Rt / ? Rt Rt Rt Rt Rt Rt Rt Rt Chan Com Rest Spawn
Paragon Paragon P / ? P P P P P P P P Spear Command Motivation
Dervish Dervish D / ? D D D D D D D D Scythe Mastery

My Characters:

Galahad Dragonsbane - Ranger - Protector x3, working on Guardian

Guinevere Charrbane - Warrior

Galadriel Firestorm - Ele

Welease Wodawick - Monk

Gory Details - Assassin

I Guilty Party I - Necro

Grasping At Sraws - Paragon

Growing Pains - Dervish

Grand Gesture - Mesmer

Gaijin Wanderer - Rit

All character have all the skills of their primary profession including elites. All finished Nightfall, most protector of cantha.

2nd Account - Propheices and Factions only

Guilty Party - L20 Necro - Finished Prophecies and Factions

Glorious Failure - L20 Mesmer - Now retired to Urgoz Warren

Generous Portions - L8 Monk - In pre-searing Charr farming and helping guildmates.

3 Storage Characters, including one in the deep.