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Intro[edit | edit source]

Long time lurker and just starting to contribute where I can. One of the founders of World of Darkness wiki[1], before moving on (the other founder and I could not agree on a "quality" level).

In-game name: Ravious Pretagata (pretagata is sanskrit for departed to the dead)

Guild: Servants of Fortuna

QuickRef[edit | edit source]

Assassin skills quick reference
Elementalist skills quick reference
Mesmer skills quick reference
Monk skills quick reference
Necromancer skills quick reference
Ranger skills quick reference
Ritualist skills quick reference
Warrior skills quick reference


Projects[edit | edit source]

1) Keep all of the Checklists up to date. The Sisyphean task of Guild Wiki. :)

Pre-Searing checklist
Reworked and Updated 2/27/06
Prophecies Campaign Checklist
Updated as of 3/10/06
Considering adding a checkbox for each Tombs level?
Battle Isles Checklist
Updated as of 2/23/06
Do you defeat the Unworthy or Zaishen Guard?
What is the 4v4 map with a priest called?
Factions Campaign Checklist
Skills Updated 4/1/06