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Hello. I have been accused of sock puppetry. The following identities are suspected to belong to me:

Many people, including multiple sysops, are convinced that I have been scheming to destroy the wiki for a long time, over a span of nearly a year. There is no way for me to clear my name because the system administrators are, as usual, sitting this one out.

There is a debate on sock puppetry ongoing, which, amusingly, was started by someone suspected of being a sock puppet account of mine.

You may wish to go there and voice your disapproval of sock puppetry. You may also wish to make all decisions be retroactive.

I request that the contributions of the above users who are "proven" sock puppets be reassigned to one user. This requires system administrator access, but is easy to do.

% cd wikidir/maintenance
% cp ../AdminSettings.sample ../AdminSettings.php # (and edit it)
% php reassignEdits.php Esan Stabber
... etc ...

I know fully well that the above request will not be honored.

I have decided to retire from Guild Wars entirely. You can read the history of this page to find my IGNs. These chars will all be deleted as soon as I can find a terminal from which I can load up Guild Wars one last time.

For your own sanity, you may wish to remove the ability of anonymous users to edit articles, or, at the very least, block open proxies. WP:NOP has several hints on how to go about doing this.

GuildWiki has been locked down: anonymous editing and account creation are disabled. Current registered users are unaffected. Leave any comments on the Community Portal.