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Heta, Greetings and Welcome

Openning Comments

I have a very limited knowledge of web coding, so please excuse any errors. I wants to thank Xasxas256 for unknowingly helping me build this page. I have copied alot of the syntex used on his page. Additional thanks to Fenris for his advise and tips. This page would be nothing if it was not for the assistence and examples that have been provided to me.

About Me

My real name is Jim and I am a 41 year old project manager and planner. Though prior to being in project management, I spent 15 years as a database programmer (mostly C++ and VB). I live in Pennsylvania with my wife and 3 kids. My hobbies include competative indoor volleyball (USA level B/BB) and PC gaming. I am a avid GW, Elder Scrolls and Neverwinter Nights player. Over the past year, I have spent most of my free time adventuring in GW with my 3 children.


If you have come here to look around - then have fun. Else, the layout of the button bars is as follows:

  • First Row: Standard Pages
  • Second Row: Links to pages that contain usefull inforamtion. (i.e. My own menu system)
  • Third Row: Information about my Guilds, Characters and Strategy

Been away, but back

Just a quick note to say that I am back. My job periodically pulls me away from GW and the Wiki, but I am back and will be updating a number of pages over the coming weeks.