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This user "GW-Zaq" prefers to use the enhanced profile.

My userboxes[edit | edit source]

Mesmer-icon.png This user has been, is, and shall ever be a Mesmer at heart.
PvE This user is primarily a PvE player.
DualAttack required.png This user is also fond of Assassins.
Hax This user likes builds that break the rules of the game.
Vial of Dye Purple.png This user believes purple is the color of royalty and is neither feminine nor masculine.
Keystone Signet.jpg This user likes builds with unpopular skills.
Enraged Lunge.jpg This user believes a pet is more than a portable corpse.
Searing Flames.jpg This user respects Searing Flames but is bloody sick of it.
MiniCharrShamanIcon.png This user has a mini Charr named Grendel Grillflesh.
Power Block.jpg This user believes if you don't ask nicely, your casting privileges will be revoked.
Shatter Hex.jpg This user doesn't think Mesmers are useful in PvE. This user knows they are useful in PvE.
Mantra of Recovery.jpg Anything you can do, this user can do faster.
Ritualist-icon.png This user has Razah in PvE, woot!
Yak This user is often overly loquacious.
PofO This user is inside your mind.
Plan This user's plots make Dunkoro jealous.

Links[edit | edit source]