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{{/Template:Icon |Arcane Zeal|gray}}
{{/Template:Icon |Arcane Zeal|gray}}
{{/Template:Icon |Avatar of Balthazar}}
{{/Template:Icon |Avatar of Balthazar}}
{{/Template:Icon |Avatar of Dwayna|gray}}
{{/Template:Icon |Avatar of Dwayna}}
{{/Template:Icon |Avatar of Grenth}}
{{/Template:Icon |Avatar of Grenth}}
{{/Template:Icon |Avatar of Lyssa}}
{{/Template:Icon |Avatar of Lyssa}}

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Assassin's Promise Assault Enchantments Aura of Displacement Beguiling Haze Dark Apostasy Flashing Blades Fox's Promise Golden Skull Strike Hidden Caltrops Locust's Fury Mark of Insecurity Moebius Strike Palm Strike Seeping Wound Shadow Form Shadow Meld Shadow Prison Shadow Shroud Shattering Assault Shroud of Silence Siphon Strength Temple Strike Wastrel's Collapse Way of the Assassin Way of the Empty Palm


Arcane Zeal Avatar of Balthazar Avatar of Dwayna Avatar of Grenth Avatar of Lyssa Avatar of Melandru Ebon Dust Aura Grenth's Grasp Onslaught Pious Renewal Reaper's Sweep Vow of Silence Vow of Strength Wounding Strike Zealous Vow


Blinding Surge Double Dragon Elemental Attunement Energy Boon Ether Prism Ether Prodigy Ether Renewal Glimmering Mark Glyph of Energy Glyph of Renewal Gust Icy Shackles Invoke Lightning Lightning Surge Master of Magic Mind Blast Mind Burn Mind Freeze Mind Shock Mirror of Ice Mist Form Obsidian Flesh Ride the Lightning Sandstorm Savannah Heat Searing Flames Second Wind Shatterstone Shockwave Star Burst Stone Sheath Thunderclap Unsteady Ground Ward Against Harm Water Trident


Air of Disenchantment Arcane Languor Crippling Anguish Echo Enchanter's Conundrum Energy Drain Energy Surge Expel Hexes Extend Conditions Fevered Dreams Hex Eater Vortex Illusionary Weaponry Ineptitude Keystone Signet Lyssa's Aura Mantra of Recall Mantra of Recovery Migraine Panic Power Block Power Flux Power Leech Psychic Distraction Psychic Instability Recurring Insecurity Shared Burden Shatter Storm Signet of Illusions Signet of Midnight Simple Thievery Stolen Speed Symbols of Inspiration Tease Visions of Regret


Air of Enchantment Amity Aura of Faith Balthazar's Pendulum Blessed Light Boon Signet Defender's Zeal Divert Hexes Empathic Removal Glimmer of Light Healer's Boon Healer's Covenant Healing Burst Healing Hands Healing Light Life Barrier Life Sheath Light of Deliverance Mark of Protection Martyr Peace and Harmony Ray of Judgment Restore Condition Scribe's Insight Shield of Deflection Shield of Judgment Shield of Regeneration Signet of Judgment Signet of Removal Spell Breaker Unyielding Aura Withdraw Hexes Word of Censure Word of Healing Zealous Benediction


Animate Flesh Golem Aura of the Lich Blood is Power Contagion Corrupt Enchantment Cultist's Fervor Depravity Discord Feast of Corruption Grenth's Balance Icy Veins Jagged Bones Life Transfer Lingering Curse Offering of Blood Order of Apostasy Order of Undeath Order of the Vampire Pain of Disenchantment Plague Signet Ravenous Gaze Reaper's Mark Signet of Suffering Soul Bind Soul Leech Spiteful Spirit Spoil Victor Tainted Flesh Toxic Chill Vampiric Spirit Virulence Wail of Doom Weaken Knees Well of Power Wither


"Incoming!" "It's just a flesh wound." "The Power Is Yours!" Angelic Bond Anthem of Fury Anthem of Guidance Cautery Signet Crippling Anthem Cruel Spear Defensive Anthem Focused Anger Soldier's Fury Song of Purification Song of Restoration Stunning Strike


Archer's Signet Barrage Broad Head Arrow Burning Arrow Crippling Shot Enraged Lunge Equinox Escape Expert's Dexterity Famine Ferocious Strike Glass Arrows Greater Conflagration Heal as One Incendiary Arrows Infuriating Heat Lacerate Magebane Shot Marksman's Wager Melandru's Arrows Melandru's Resilience Melandru's Shot Oath Shot Poison Arrow Practiced Stance Prepared Shot Punishing Shot Quick Shot Quicksand Rampage as One Scavenger's Focus Smoke Trap Spike Trap Strike as One Trapper's Focus


Attuned Was Songkai Caretaker's Charge Clamor of Souls Consume Soul Defiant Was Xinrae Destructive was Glaive Grasping Was Kuurong Offering of Spirit Preservation Reclaim Essence Ritual Lord Signet of Ghostly Might Signet of Spirits Soul Twisting Spirit Channeling Spirit Light Weapon Spirit's Strength Tranquil Was Tanasen Vengeful Was Khanhei Wanderlust Weapon of Fury Weapon of Quickening Weapon of Remedy Wielder's Zeal Xinrae's Weapon


"Charge!" "Coward!" "Victory is Mine!" "You're All Alone!" Auspicious Parry Backbreaker Battle Rage Bull's Charge Charging Strike Cleave Crippling Slash Decapitate Defy Pain Devastating Hammer Dragon Slash Dwarven Battle Stance Earth Shaker Enraged Smash Eviscerate Flourish Forceful Blow Gladiator's Defense Headbutt Hundred Blades Magehunter Strike Magehunter's Smash Primal Rage Quivering Blade Rage of the Ntouka Shove Skull Crack Soldier's Stance Steady Stance Triple Chop Warrior's Endurance Whirling Axe