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admin This user is a sysop of GuildWiki.
Union.jpg This user acts nicely and is helpful to new users.
Pestilence.jpg This user likes to persuade other people to follow wiki policies and guidelines.
User Gem fin flag.jpg This user is able to contribute with a native level of Finnish.
User Gem eng flag.jpg This user is able to contribute with a near native level of English.
Female.png This user has had the best girlfriend in the world for over 4 years.
User Gem opera user box.png This user loves Opera, but sometimes also uses FF and IE.
User Gem ITG user box.png This user is a top 10 ITG player in Finland and placed 10th in the European Championships..
User Gem choco user box.png This user is a chocoholic and a chocolate culinarist.
User Gem WAR user box.jpg This user is a Warhammer fan but didn't like WAR.
Mission icon HardMode Master.png This user is a primary PvE player with little PvP experience.
User Gem AI user box.jpg This user plays with a maxium of 2 other human players in his party.
Storm Chaser.jpg This user is a primary ranger player and a runner.
Vampiric Bite.jpg This user is a vampire in and out of the game.
"You Move Like a Dwarf!".jpg This user thinks that taunting enemies is wise and cool.

Gem-icon.png Gem

  • GuildWiki admin
  • Fourth year student at Helsinki University of Technology
  • Level 21
  • Finland
  • Plays machine dance games and is currently a top 10 player in Finland.

Heart-icon.png Kalomeli

  • Girlfriend and Guild Wars mate
  • Second year student at Helsinki University of Technology
  • Level 20
  • Finland
  • Love prospers! Over 4 years together and engaged!
I only visit the wikis rarely now. I will notice talk page messages with a long delay. For urgent matters please e-mail me.
To see my characters and other in game stuff visit User:Gem/Lists.

To see fictional information about my main character visit User:Gem/Jessica.

To see my thoughts on various Guild Wars related things visit User:Gem/Thoughts.

To see a list of things that I think are great or crappy visit User:Gem/Hall of U63r1337n355.