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Table of Contents:


Armor page names[]

There are two overview pages per profession describing both art and function.

  1. "<Profession> armor"
  2. "<Profession> headgear"

There is one art overview page per armor set that is available to more than one profession.

  1. "<Armor Name> Armor"

Armor function page names[]

  1. "<Insignia Name> armor"
    • redirect from "<Profession-Specific Name> armor"
  2. Basic armor
    • redirect from "<Profession>'s armor"
    • redirect from "<Profession>'s Armor"
    • redirect from "<Headgear Name> <Headgear Type>" (example: Crude Scar Pattern)
  3. Attribute armor

Armor art page names[]

  1. "<Profession> <Armor Name> Armor"
  2. "<Profession> Ascended <Armor Name> Armor"
  3. "<Profession> <Campaign> <Headgear Type>s"
  4. Unique names (do not follow any rules). /shakefist

Heager stuff[]

The following information is for re-organising the headgear pages.

Redircts to Attribute armor[]

This list is incomplete.

Brute's Helm Knight's Helm Wyvern Helm Platemail Helm Dragon Helm Executioner's Helm Dwarven Helm Duelist's Helm Tactician's Helm Ascalon Helm Gladiator's Helm Dreadnought's Helm Sentinel's Helm Bruiser's Helm

Hunter's Mask Archer's Mask Traveler's Mask Tamer's Mask

Prophet's Scalp Design Servant's Scalp Design Defender's Scalp Design Zealot's Scalp Design Divine Scalp Design Healer Scalp Design Protector Scalp Design Smiting Scalp Design

Devilish Scar Patterns Ragged Scar Patterns Wicked Scar Patterns Vile Scar Patterns

Table for Headgear[]

Profession Prophecies     Factions     Nightfall Core
Warrior Warrior Helm (by art type) Helm
Ranger Ranger Mask Mask (by art type) n/a
Monk Monk Scalp Design Scalp Design (by art type) n/a
Necromancer Necromancer Scar Pattern Scar Pattern (by art type) n/a
Mesmer Mesmer Mask Mask (by art type) n/a
Elementalist Elementalist Eye Aura Eye (Prophecies),
Eye (Vabbian)
Assassin Assassin n/a Mask (by art type) Mask
Ritualist Ritualist n/a Headwrap (by art type) Headwrap
Paragon Paragon n/a n/a Crest (Elonian),
Crest (Vabbian)
Dervish Dervish n/a n/a Hood (by art type) Hood

Headgear page names (by prof)[]

The headgear overview page (Necromancer headgear) should be similar to the armor overview page (Necromancer armor). The very useful crafting tables that were created with much dedication from Helena should be moved to the quick reference pages (example: Warrior armor crafting quick reference).

The plural names are used for Prophecies and unique headgear pages because Mesmer, Ranger, Elementalist and Paragon headgear has more than one art type on a single page. (Note: Monk and Necromancer headgear have only one art type... but nobody is perfect.)


  • Warrior headgear
  • "Warrior <Armor Name> Armor"
  • "Warrior Ascended <Armor Name> Armor"
Note: All headgear art either belongs to an armor set (or has the same art as one belonging to an armor set). This is true for all campaigns.


  • Ranger headgear
  • "Ranger <Armor Name> Armor"
  • "Ranger Ascended <Armor Name> Armor"
  • Ranger Prophecies Masks
Note: The page for Prophecies masks describes 5 different art types.


  • Monk headgear
  • "Monk <Armor Name> Armor"
  • "Monk Ascended <Armor Name> Armor"
  • Monk Prophecies Scalp Designs
Note: The page for Prophecies scalp designs describes 1 art type.


  • Necromancer headgear
  • "Necromancer <Armor Name> Armor"
  • "Necromancer Ascended <Armor Name> Armor"
  • Necromancer Prophecies Scar Patterns
Note: The page for Prophecies scar patterns describes 1 art type.


Note: The page for Prophecies masks describes 5 different art types.


Note: The only headgear that belongs to an armor set is Vabbian. This page describes 5 different art types.
Note: The page for eyes describes 6 different art types.
Note: The page for auras describes 6 different art types.


  • Assassin headgear
  • "Assassin <Armor Name> Armor"
  • "Assassin Ascended <Armor Name> Armor"
Note: All headgear art either belongs to an armor set (or has the same art as one belonging to an armor set). This is true for all campaigns.


Note: All headgear art either belongs to an armor set (or has the same art as one belonging to an armor set). This is true for all campaigns.


Note: The only headgear that belongs to an armor set is Vabbian. This page describes 4 different art types.
Note: The page for Elonian crests describes 4 different art types.


Note: All headgear art either belongs to an armor set (or has the same art as one belonging to an armor set).

Armor art NavBoxes[]

Template:WarriorArmorNavBox for art in Category:Warrior armor.

Template:RangerArmorNavBox for art in Category:Ranger armor.

Template:MonkArmorNavBox for art in Category:Monk armor.

Template:NecromancerArmorNavBox for art in Category:Necromancer armor.

Template:MesmerArmorNavBox for art in Category:Mesmer armor.

Template:ElementalistArmorNavBox for art in Category:Elementalist armor.

Template:AssassinArmorNavBox for art in Category:Assassin armor.

Template:RitualistArmorNavBox for art in Category:Ritualist armor.

Template:ParagonArmorNavBox for art in Category:Paragon armor.

Template:DervishArmorNavBox for art in Category:Dervish armor.

Armor function NavBox[]

Template:ArmorFunctionNavBox for armor in Category:Armor function. Template:ArmorFunctionNavBox

Armor crafter NavBoxes[]

Template:PropheciesArmorCrafterNavBox for NPCs in Category:Armor crafters (Prophecies).

Prophecies Armor crafters
Level 5: Banoit Harlan Level 10: Corwen Breyshaw Samuka
Level 13: Kailan Shada Saphir Level 15: Hanita Alemeth
Level 17: Sol Pyrrhus Kathir Level 20: Morgren Seifred
Ascended: Karl Hagen

Template:FactionsArmorCrafterNavBox for NPCs in Category:Armor crafters (Factions).

Factions Armor crafters
Shing Jea Island — KambeiMoon AhnNu LengMaekoSeijiTauraFugui GeLainTsukare
Standard — KakumeiRyokoSukiOrokuVoldo the ExoticMorbachTateosGiygas

Elite — MikolasKoumeiMaiyaWei Qi

Template:NightfallArmorCrafterNavBox for NPCs in Category:Armor crafters (Nightfall).

Nightfall Armor crafters
Standard — MehinuPasuSuleeVatundoBurreh

Ascended — AhamidMatenehPalmodKeeper of Armor

Insignia stuff[]

The following information is my (unfinished) attempt at rewriting the Insignia article.


Insignias are prefix upgrade components applied to armor that are available for armor sets crafted in Elona and created with the PvP Equipment panel. Insignias provide bonuses to armor sets. For example, the Radiant insignia adds extra energy in addition to the basic armor statistics.

The introducion of insignias in the Nightfall campaign completely separated armor bonuses from armor sets. All armor sets, including headgear, crafted in Elona come with an empty slot for adding an insignia. This separation allows players to apply insignia bonuses to any Nightfall armor set they choose. Some insignias have a different bonus when applied to armor covering different areas of the body.

Insignias, similar to runes, have a fixed value bonus as described in the table below. Any piece of armor with an insignia (prefix) can also have a rune (suffix). It is suspected that some insignias can only be obtained as loot on gold items (see Talk:Insignia for discussion).


Insignias are available from Rune Traders in all campaigns, and can be traded with other players, however the only way to obtain new insignias in PvE are to salvage them from 'salvage armor' obtained as loot in the Nightfall campaign. PvP characters can create armor with insignias in the PvP Equipment panel regardless of campaign, like all PvP items, this armor cannot be salvaged.


Some insignias can be used by all professions, while others are profession-specific. You can easily tell an insignia's linked profession by its appearance (see the table below).

To use an insignia, double-click it and then click on the piece of armor you want to apply it to. Each armor piece can only hold a single insignia. You can replace a insignia with a different one by applying the new insignia to the piece of armor that already has one - a dialog will ask you to confirm the replacement.

You can expert salvage armor that you have attached a insignia to in order to recover the insignia, in a process identical to that for obtaining insignias from salvage armor. However ,the % chance of retaining the armor after salvaging the insignia will be lower than that for salvage armor.


  • As with all other items obtained from character creation, starter armor and PvP armor cannot be salvaged, so insignias applied to them cannot be recovered. *Collector's armor can be salvaged, so insignias applied to collector's pieces can be recovered.

Prophecies and Factions[]

In the Prophecies and Factions campaigns, prefix armor bonuses are inherent to certain armor sets.

It is important to note that insignia can not be applied to armor purchased in Tyria or Cantha, or to Obsidian Armor crafted with built-in prefixes. This is because all armor in Cantha and Tyria has the 'prefix' already added when you buy it. Also, you cannot apply Insignia that is of another Primary Profession.

For example, Druid's Armor for the Ranger has the energy bonus you would receive from adding a Radiant insignia to a blank Elonian armor. Insignia can be applied to blank Obsidian Armor crafted after the October 25th update. Armor of heroes acquired outside Elona will also accept insignia. e.g. Olias (Necromancer) and Zenmai (Assassin)

Word usage[]


INSIGNIA, originally the plural of Latin insigne, began to be used as a singular in the 18th century, and the plural INSIGNIAS appeared shortly thereafter. All uses—INSIGNIA as a singular or plural and INSIGNIAS as a plural—are fully standard. The singular INSIGNE still occurs, but INSIGNIA is more common.

Insignias by Profession[]

NA-icon.png Common[]

Name Icon Bonus Campaign Availability Armor with this Bonus Inherently
(P) - Prophecies (link to art), (F) - Factions

Prophecies Example for Samuka[]


Samuka crafts standard armor intended for characters of approximately level 10 with Core professions. All armor pieces have basic armor stats. In addition most armor pieces include a bonus as shown in the Armor Sets tables below. Most headgear includes an Attribute +1 bonus. The armor rating depends on character profession.

Label Armor Professions
Caster armor 30 Monk, Necromancer, Mesmer, Elementalist
Light armor 40 Ranger
Heavy armor 50 Warrior

The cost of armor is 150 Gold plus crafting materials. Several new armor sets, such as Druid's Armor, are first available here. Armor ratings are the same as Corwen in Ascalon City and Breyshaw at Yak's Bend.


Armor Sets[]

Warrior Warrior[]

Body Armor Bonus
Ascalon (Prophecies) Knight's
Wyvern Dreadnought
Gladiator's Gladiator's
Ringmail none
Headgear Bonus
Wyvern Helm Dreadnought,
Strength +1
Executioner's Helm Radiant,
Recruit's Cap none

Ranger Ranger[]

Body Armor Bonus
Druid's Radiant
Fur-Lined Frostbound
Drakescale Pyrebound
Leather none
Headgear Bonus
Tamer's Mask Radiant,
Simple none

Monk Monk[]

Body Armor Bonus
Wanderer's Wanderer's
Ascetic's Radiant
Censor's Stalwart
Monk none
Headgear Bonus
Scalp Design Radiant
Prophet's Scalp Design Radiant,
Believer's none

Necromancer Necromancer[]

Body Armor Bonus
Bonelace Bonelace
Scar Pattern Radiant
Fanatic's Tormentor's
Necromancer's none
Headgear Bonus
Devilish Scar Pattern Radiant,
Crude none

Mesmer Mesmer[]

Body Armor Bonus
Courtly Virtuoso's
Rogue's Rogue's
Stylish none
Headgear Bonus
Imposing Mask Radiant,
Discreet none

Elementalist Elementalist[]

Body Armor Bonus
Aeromancer's Aeromancer
Pyromancer's Pyromancer
Hydromancer's Hydromancer
Elementalist's none
Headgear Bonus
Storm's Eye Radiant,
Third none