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Meh, I'm in [kthx]. It's a pseudo PvX guild minus all the dickholes. And yes, I'm more active on Guild Wars now. And yes, I typed this because PvX is slower than continental drift at loading ATM. Beat Water Temple in Ocarina of Time (on my Wii, Virtual Console owns). WARWICK CAN SUCK MY...WATER TEMPLE? I'm currently on Spirit Temple, which is really stupid. Seriously, as a kid, you get a WOODEN shield. It's like a fucking piece of plywood stapled to your arm. Around 90% of all the enemies there are something that shoots, breathes, or is on fire. Atleast throw a chest at me, go "duh duh dunnnnnn!" and say "YOU FOUND A SMALL STEEL SHIELD! NOW YOUR SHIELD WON'T BECOME A SMOLDERING PILE OF SHIT WHENEVER A RETARDED FIRE BAT BUMFUCK RUSHES YOU!" But yeah, story of my life. Happy Holidays, woohoo. If you're really that bored, post what you got for the holidays and possibly your social security number if you want me to, umm, "give you a holiday surprise". I know it's the holidays, but the new background is kinda fugly.
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Hey, I'm Guild of Deals. Most of you might know me from PvXwiki. I rarely contribute here, but may try to contribute here more if PvX becomes a shithole. I'll also contribute here when Hhhippo is playing around with servers and PvX doesn't load.

I'm also a veggitarian, like alternative music, and enjoy comedy and action films.


You can notice me by my siggy. It used to portray my strong love of Communism, but was apparently against rules, QQ. It still does, however.

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I'll keep a random build here time to time, usually if PvX is down and I can't shit in my sandbox.

SHAAAADDOOOOW PAAAALLLLM! (for PvP) Meh, Palm Strike is gimmicky beyond belief. It's armor ignoring 70-80 damage, Cripple, and 4 second recharge. This means, easy, compact chains with a good amount of damage. But you know what I miss? Shadowsteps. Since nearly all of them have aftercasts, it's hard to find a good one. Shadow Walk is practically not used except by Deadly Arts Sins, but Palm Strike opens up some interesting synergy. Sure, you have no IAS, but it's an in-and-out spike with a short downtime. I'll give Ricky some credit for posting the synergy on a build somewhere as a pseudo joke.

AssassinWarriorAssassin / Warrior Attribute Rank
Dagger Mastery 12 + 1 + 1
Critical Strikes 12 + 1
Deadly Arts 3
Shadow Walk.jpg

Shadow Walk

Palm Strike.jpg

Palm Strike

Trampling Ox.jpg

Trampling Ox

"On Your Knees!".jpg

"On Your Knees!"

Falling Spider.jpg

Falling Spider

Death Blossom.jpg

Death Blossom





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