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My User Page


This user's contributions are released under the GFDL.


Hi! I'm Hallway Giant, a long time fan of GuildCast, and perhaps more importantly Guild Wars.

I take that back, not THAT long...

I'm not the most vocal chum around but I've listened to this and many other podcasts about gaming and the like...and I do occasionally divulge in your 'video games'. I believe this podcast is something special and having a wiki only makes sense as it continually changes and grows.

Oh, and the name? To make a long story short it comes from a old Unreal Tournament 99 map, Hall of Giants. Due to some misunderstandings during a conversation about said map with a friend I heard "Hallway Giant", started using it on forums, and the rest is history...

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Personal Projects

Canthan New Year

  1. Imperial Chef Yan (Appetizer)
  2. Imperial Chef Reun (Salad)
  3. Imperial Chef Jiong (Soup)
  4. Imperial Chef Chen (Main Course)
  5. Imperial Chef Tian (Dessert)


Thanks to Lemming64 for the userbox!

Rssicon.png This user was an avid listener of the Guild Wars podcast - GuildCast while it lasted.