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===Personal Projects===
===Personal Projects===
===Canthan New Year===
# [[Imperial Chef Yan]] (Appetizer)
#* <strike>[[Iridescent Griffon Wing]]s</strike>
#* [[Tangled Seeds]]
#* [[Fiery Crest]]s
#* [[Smoking Remains]]
# [[Imperial Chef Reun]] (Salad)
#* [[Alpine Seed]]s
#* [[Guardian Moss]]
#* [[Celestial Essence]]
#* [[Dragon Root]]
# [[Imperial Chef Jiong]] (Soup)
#* [[Archaic Kappa Shell]]s
#* [[Mantis Pincer]]s
#* [[Kraken Eye]]s
#* [[Naga Hide]]s
# [[Imperial Chef Chen]] (Main Course)
#* [[Igneous Spider Leg]]s
#* [[Ebon Spider Legs]]
#* [[Bonesnap Shell]]s
#* [[Azure Crest]]s
#* [[Unctuous Remains]]
# [[Imperial Chef Tian]] (Dessert)
#* [[Truffle]]s
#* [[Ebon Spider Web]]s
#* [[Half-Eaten Blob]]s
#* [[Azure Remains]]
#* [[Icy Lodestone]]s

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My User Page


Hi! I'm Hallway Giant, a long time fan of GuildCast, and perhaps more importantly Guild Wars.

I take that back, not THAT long...

I'm not the most vocal chum around but I've listened to this and many other podcasts about gaming and the like...and I do occasionally divulge in your 'video games'. I believe this podcast is something special and having a wiki only makes sense as it continually changes and grows.

Oh, and the name? To make a long story short it comes from a old Unreal Tournament 99 map, Hall of Giants. Due to some misunderstandings during a conversation about said map with a friend I heard "Hallway Giant", started using it on forums, and the rest is history...

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Personal Projects


Thanks to Lemming64 for the userbox!

Rssicon.png This user was an avid listener of the Guild Wars podcast - GuildCast while it lasted.