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Who Am I[edit | edit source]

I am an officer with Dukes's Bandits [BDub] a member of God's Chosen Guild [GCG] an officer with Rise of the Silver Phoenix [PHOE] the leader of Order of the Grey Rose [Grse] A member of Pirates of the Tortuga Concord [Trtl] a capeless wanderer. I started Contributing to GuildWiki primarily to save typing when answering the same questions from new users. i'm a naturally long winded girl, so it's simple to write a massive guide and reference it, as opposed to retyping all my thoughts on the subject every time someone asks.

Doing Stuff[edit | edit source]

Galleries that need fixilatalizing[edit | edit source]

moved to GuildWiki:Armor galleries project

Toolbox[edit | edit source]

usefull pages go here

the most useful thing in the universe User:Galil/Category_tree

Active Characters[edit | edit source]

Contacting me[edit | edit source]

I can usually be reached in game between 5:00 pm - 11:00pm PST (01:00 - 07:00 GMT).

  • i miss Eve Pendragon. i wish i knew where she went...
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