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"Ilr", AKA: Ilrepute, is an Oldschool/Legit player, and the Handle dates back to the days of Kali and Diablo-1.
AutoBio: I have followed this Design Team for over a Decade and have rarely been disappointed. I don't FotM-farm or Grief or even exploit the AI(unless Anet leaves me no choice). City of Heroes was my last home where I helped lead a large network of players who focused on Team Support. But that ended after the release of [Issue-13]. G.W. is my current home. A more casual approach and tolerance of quirky builds will always be my gaming Mantra, and my comments are likely to reflect that for better or worse. -Ilr

Last Project: Expanding the [Running Guides] section. (Personal experience listed here: User:Ilr/Credentials)

Dervish/Mesmer/Paragon: Sheila Vixen - MageKilling/Running
Warrior/Ranger/Elementalist: Sarlina Lupino - Hammer/Bow Berserker
Female.png This user mostly plays "Fems" b/c he finds them more inspiring
Paragon/Necromancer/Monk: Lt Vera - Team En-Buff/Mitigation
Paragon-icon-small.png This user still loves "Goons"
Technobabble.jpg This user thinks Asurans were an Elaborate Parody by ANet to lampoon their Wiki & Forum Fanbase
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Skills: PvE_skills_quick_reference
Rep: Title || Hero's Handbook || Master Dungeon Guide
Item: Collector Smiths: Proph/Night/EotN
Misc: [GW2Wikia] || GWW Version

Personal-use Notes:  Dungeons and Rep-Bonusses in Normal Mode
  1. Catacombs of Kathandrax -Sacnoth Valley- Standard Diff - 7.5XP, 1.5G, 1500(750sub)-Rep
  2. Rragar's Menagerie -Sacnoth Valley- Master Diff - 7.5XP, 1.5G, 3000(1500sub)-Rep
  3. Cathedral of Flames -Doomlore- Standard Diff - 7.5XP, 1.5G, 1500(750sub)-Rep
  4. Ooze Pit -Grothmar Wardowns- Standard Diff - 5.0XP, 1.2G, 1000(500sub?)
  5. Darkrime Delves -Bjora Marches- Standard Diff - 7.5XP, 1.5G, 1500(750sub?)-Rep
  6. Frostmaw's Burrows -Jaga Moraine- Master Diff - 10.0XP, 2.0G, 3000(1500sub)-Rep
  7. Sepulchre of Dragrimmar -Drakkar Lake- Standard Diff - 5.0XP, 1.2G 1500(750sub)-Rep
  8. Raven's Point -Varajar Fells- Standard Diff - 5.0XP, 1.2G 1500(750sub)-Rep
  9. Vloxen Excavations -Vlox's Falls- Standard Diff - 7.5XP, 1.5G 1500(750sub)-Rep
  10. Bogroot Growths -Sparkfly Swamp- Standard Diff - 5.0XP 1.2G 1000(500sub)-Rep
  11. Bloodstone Caves -Sparkfly Swamp- Standard Diff - 7.5XP, 1.5G, 1500(750sub)-Rep
  12. Shards of Orr -Gadd's Encampment- Master Difficulty - 7.5XP, 1.5G, 3000(1500sub)-Rep
  13. Oola's Lab -Magus Stones- Standard Diff - 7.5XP, 1.5G, 500(250sub?)-Rep
  14. Arachni's Haunt -Magus Stones- Standard Diff - 7.5XP, 1.5G 1500(750sub)-Rep
  15. Slavers' Exile -Verdant Cascades- ELITE Diff - 15.0XP, 2.7G, Deldrimor Hero-Armor
  16. Fronis Irontoe's Lair -Gunnar's Hold - Solo Quest - 25XP, 0.2G, 500(250sub)-Rep
  17. Secret Lair of the Snowmen -Umbral Grotto- Master Diff - 2.5XP, 0.2G, 500(250sub)-Rep
  18. Heart of the Shiverpeaks -Battledepths- Standard Diff - 2.0XP 1500(250sub?)-Rep