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Note: Game updates could invalidate these forecasts.§

Last update: Tuesday, 03:26 (UTC)


Zaishen Mission Zaishen Bounty Zaishen Combat
Today 2021-07-26 Raisu Palace Fenrir Codex Arena
Tomorrow 2021-07-27 Gate of Desolation Selvetarm Guild vs Guild
Day after tomorrow 2021-07-28 Thirsty River Mohby Windbeak Jade Quarry
3 days from now 2021-07-29 Blacktide Den Charged Blackness Alliance Battle
4 days from now 2021-07-30 Against the Charr Rotscale Heroes' Ascent
5 days from now 2021-07-31 Abaddon's Mouth Zoldark the Unholy Random Arena
6 days from now 2021-08-01 Nundu Bay Korshek the Immolated Fort Aspenwood
7 days from now 2021-08-02 Divinity Coast Myish, Lady of the Lake Jade Quarry
8 days from now 2021-08-03 Zen Daijun Frostmaw the Kinslayer Random Arena
9 days from now 2021-08-04 Pogahn Passage Kunvie Firewing Fort Aspenwood
10 days from now 2021-08-05 Tahnnakai Temple Z'him Monns Heroes' Ascent
11 days from now 2021-08-06 The Great Northern Wall The Greater Darkness Alliance Battle
12 days from now 2021-08-07 Dasha Vestibule TPS Regulator Golem Guild vs Guild
13 days from now 2021-08-08 The Wilds Plague of Destruction Codex Arena
14 days from now 2021-08-09 Unwaking Waters The Darkness Random Arena
15 days from now 2021-08-10 Chahbek Village Admiral Kantoh Fort Aspenwood
16 days from now 2021-08-11 Aurora Glade Borrguus Blisterbark Alliance Battle
17 days from now 2021-08-12 A Time for Heroes Forgewight Jade Quarry
18 days from now 2021-08-13 Consulate Docks Baubao Wavewrath Codex Arena
19 days from now 2021-08-14 Ring of Fire Joffs the Mitigator Heroes' Ascent
20 days from now 2021-08-15 Nahpui Quarter Rragar Maneater Guild vs Guild
21 days from now 2021-08-16 The Dragon's Lair Chung, the Attuned Alliance Battle
22 days from now 2021-08-17 Dzagonur Bastion Lord Jadoth Heroes' Ascent
23 days from now 2021-08-18 D'Alessio Seaboard Nulfastu, Earthbound Guild vs Guild
24 days from now 2021-08-19 Assault on the Stronghold The Iron Forgeman Codex Arena
25 days from now 2021-08-20 The Eternal Grove Magmus Fort Aspenwood
26 days from now 2021-08-21 Sanctum Cay Mobrin, Lord of the Marsh Jade Quarry
27 days from now 2021-08-22 Rilohn Refuge Jarimiya the Unmerciful Random Arena
28 days from now 2021-08-23 Warband of Brothers Duncan the Black Codex Arena
29 days from now 2021-08-24 Borlis Pass Quansong Spiritspeak Guild vs Guild
30 days from now 2021-08-25 Imperial Sanctum The Stygian Underlords Jade Quarry