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Proposed Standardization of Collector Weapons Tables

To me, the number of different formats represented on the collector weapon pages is distracting to the point of detrimental. We have some pages that include all available collector's weapons, regardless of whether or not they are max damage, such as the Warrior collector weapons and Ranger collector weapons. In addition, these pages are grouped by which area of the game the collector's weapon is found in, and not by what type of weapon the item is. By contrast, most of the casters' weapon pages (including Monk collector weapons and Mesmer collector weapons) are sorted by what attribute the weapon provides modifiers to (or the requirement). Even in the two cited examples, there is some variance, as Monk collector weapons are divided into Prophecies/Factions and Nightfall sections, while Mesmer collector weapons have no such distinction (though it appears they have no Nightfall information on them at all).

So, the generics of my proposal:

1) List only the maximum items on the quick reference pages. I don't think it's detrimental per se to have the Ascalon/Kryta/Magumma Jungle items available, but I think that the quick reference page would be more streamlined and useful if the items on the page were all max damage/stats. If the Ascalon/Kryta/Magumma Jungle items are removed from the quick reference pages, perhaps they should have their own page that is linked to on the quick reference page.

2) Separate the items by campaign, and not by area. I think it is important to have the distinction of which campaign the items appear in, but if we further sub-sort by area, then you wind up with a bunch of category headings and small tables, such as Dervish collector weapons. Alternatively, an additional column could be added to the tables to include what region the items are in, but I personally think that would be information overload and thus detrimental.

3) Standardize the tables to contain weapon name, inherent/inscription mod, any relevant prefix/suffix mods, what collectables are needed, and collector location. In addition, use the hyperlinked ⇒ in front of the location area to link to the article for the relevant collector.

For the warrior collector weapons, there should be a note at the top of the page denoting what damage each type of weapon has (rather than in the "weapon type" column as it is now). For the ranger collector weapons, there should be a link to the Bow article to denote the differences in types of bows. I do think the standardized colors used to denote wand/staff/offhand on most of the caster weapons pages are good and should be kept, possibly even expanded upon.

Proposed Standardized Table

Warrior Prophecies Items

Weapon Inherent Modifier Prefix Upgrade Suffix Upgrade Collectables Location
Battle Axe Damage +15% (while enchanted) 5 Encrusted Lodestones Vulture Drifts
Battle Axe Damage +15% (while in a stance) 5 Dune Burrower Jaws
5 Frozen Shells
The Arid Sea
Lornar's Pass
War Hammer Damage +15% (while enchanted) 5 Minotaur Horns Diviner's Ascent
War Hammer Damage +15% (while in a stance) 5 Iridescent Griffon Wings
5 Huge Jawbones
Vulture Drifts
Snake Dance
Long Sword Damage +15% (while enchanted) 5 Jade Mandibles Vulture Drifts
Long Sword Damage +15% (while in a stance) 5 Bleached Carapaces
5 Mountain Troll Tusks
Diviner's Ascent
Snake Dance
Shield Attribute Handle Modifier Inscription Modifier Collectables Location
Crimson Carapace Shield Tactics Health +45 (while in a stance) Received physical damage -2 (while in a stance) 2 Bleached Shells The Scar
Crimson Carapace Shield Tactics Health +60 (while hexed) Received physical damage -3 (while hexed) 5 Massive Jawbones Vulture Drifts
Stalwart Carapace Shield Tactics Health +45 (while in a stance) Received physical damage -2 (while in a stance) 5 Frosted Griffon Wings Snake Dance
Emboldened Carapace Shield Strength Health +60 (while hexed) Received physical damage -3 (while hexed) 5 Frosted Griffon Wings Snake Dance

Warrior collector page draft

Since my internet has been too sporadic to play Guild Wars, I spent some time working with the Warrior collector weapons page. So, please look at the draft and tell me what you think, either on my talk page or somewhere else.


An alternate idea that one of my guildies suggested was to group by weapon type, rather than campaign, since he felt the most common usage would be to look for a specific type of weapon. That page has been drafted and is at the link below.


Is it possible to get a "return to top" link at the end of each section? Could someone either edit that in or explain to me how to do it, if it is possible?