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A list of tasks that are somewhat menial that bored GuildWiki members should take up.

De stubbing
Many pages are still stubs when there really is no more information that needs to be added. These things can be destubbed.
the stub template would be extra useful if it said what parts were missing that makes the page a stub. Change that template and then update the pages. Some things like missing dye data and specific crafting materials should be automatically categorized (once it is destubbed, it gets taken out of categories.) --this is more complex. think carefully if you plan to do this.
glossary refinement
split up category glossary into smaller groups: pvp terms, pve terms, slang terms, official terms, etc.
description flesh out
many things like weapons, armor, and bestiary have short crappy definitions. flesh them out.
update crafting materials
articles are probably out of date with info on what salvages into it and what it crafts.
sort through unused images
go through the unused images. see why they aren't used. if they are clearly useless (has been replaced with clearly superior image or has no relation to the wiki and is some user's remnant). mark for deletion WITH clear reason (including link to better image).
armor crafting project
some info is already accurate but the project page wasn't updated.
Quick access links needs work
alot of pages that need work can be found from there
Perfect weapon stats
information on perfect weapon stats are incomplete or out of date. Most of the information is already available on the wiki and should be placed on these pages.
update quick references
reference pages like this (Hammer quick reference)are badly out of date, not used, could be better linked to from quick reference and perfect weapon stats pages...see GuildWiki:Weapon quick reference project
Usage notes for templates
many templates don't have notes for how to use them. Especially templates in Category:Templates/Users. Some people just copy and past the template and end up messing up category stuff.
PvP skills
don't appear in many qrs, lists of related skills, etc.