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(relinking Deldrimor armor, Replaced: [[Deldrimor armor → [[Hero Deldrimor armor [[Project:AutoWikiBrowser|AWB]])
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*[[Zehtuka's Horn]]
*[[Zehtuka's Horn]]
**Some metal elements of [[Pyre Fierceshot]]'s [[Deldrimor armor]] set
**Some metal elements of [[Pyre Fierceshot]]'s [[Hero Deldrimor armor]] set

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Bug.png Bug! There seems to be quite a few items added in GW:EN which display odd lighting behavior. These items appear their brightest when the sun is shining on them from behind and their dullest when the sun is shining on them from the front, as opposed to the normal and expected which is the opposite (this also happens to be physics-defying). This is an unaddressed bug.

Here's a list, though some I probably forgot or haven't found yet: