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Courtesy of Shadowcrest :)


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About me[]

I go by the nick Jennalee on the web and such for a while now. I am a resident of Australia. I started playing GWs at the end of 2006 so I am a relatively new player.

I've been on a hiatus from GWs. I am currently back and active but the game (and this wiki) has died a lot since I've been away - many people are utterly bored from the lack of new content which ANet seems highly unlikely to remedy given their dismal offerings for the 4th year birthday event (no real new game content but charging for small niceities), with the focus on getting GW2 up for release ASAP. As this is the case, and will almost inevitably be the case for the forseeable future, with many people leaving for other games (such as Aion) in the meantime as GW2 doesn't seem likely to be anywhere near release for another 1-2 years, I will try and focus on getting unlocks for my HoM in time for the release (armor sets, heroes, pets, minis, weapons, titles).

Stuff I do on wiki[]

Courtesy of Felix Omni D:

Mainly image work and formatting of articles.

Ever since I've used this Wiki, I've always liked the very good images done mainly by Micha Truefaith, now known as Aratak and some others such as Bexor and Flece. I wish to continue their work in updating the images on this Wiki, mainly of items.

So, my goal here is to make sure every item has a good, representative image and an appropriately formatted description page. I'd appreciate any help I can get since I just realised how big this project is going to be x_x. If any of you could lend me items which I want to redo the pics of, that'd be great - I'll make sure you get whatever it is it back promptly :) (and I'm sure people I know like Alvin and Greyhawk will tell you I don't lie, cheat or scam even when given the opportunity to do so). Otherwise, I guess I'll just have to buy or find them myself.

I'll put up a revised list if I have time and if anyone cares to visit here.

Anyhow, onwards with the "Better image crusade!" :)

Current priorities:

To do list[]

  • To do (in no particular order): - I have them lying about and will do them when there's less impending exams of d00m just around the corner. Most of these will be sold again for a reasonable price so feel free to contact me if you want any of them. In fact, I'd appreciate it if you do! *suffering from too many things need mOar mules*
  • Updating all the quick access links for collectors and weaponsmiths and integrating that onto skin pages.

Thank yous[]

There are a quite a number of people I'd really like to thank for supporting me with this project, such as:

  • Alvin - DoA buddy, tolerant and very generous, thanks for putting up with me and all the good times
  • Rat - thanks for jumping in and helping, especially with Drok's stuff ^^;; - hope to fully convert you to my ways. C u at the screening on the 27th :D
  • Greyhawk - thanks a ton for all the help - you didn't need to since you and I found each other intolerable at first :P Maybe I'll even let you punch me in the eye next time
  • KartMan - thanks for the offer to lend me your greens collection - should make this go a lot faster ^^! - I'll do my best to help you finish it too
  • Kelvinchi for lending me so much stuff to screen :)
  • Khazad Guard for doing all the dye charts I never get around to doing ;P
  • mcsumo - thanks for lending the items even tho I was rather rude to you :)
  • Miss <various> Az - thanks for helping with some of the greens :x
  • Neoezekiel for letting me pinch dyes and offering friendship and support :D. Also, you gave me the most awesome Christmas present :P

...and probably some people I forgot since I'm stupid like that >_<

Random stuff[]

Quick links[]



Things I'd really like:

  • Emerald Blade, req. 9 - beautiful and my color of choice whee!
  • more space, more time!

Things I'd kind of like:

Game modifications that would be great:

  • Enhanced dye preview window:
    • Option to expand to a fullscreen view
    • Option to lock the zoom so it won't resize with new dyes but will still allow for rotation of the character
    • Option to have a plain, cloudless background
    • Option to have a plain, white, cloudless background for all colors - could use texmod
  • Making all items dyable
  • +5 Energy Icy Dragon Swords - has come to be
  • Mods trader. Pretty please?? Spamadan blows.

...add more later


Warrior Alina Dalenthur
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Ranger Sashira Stormclaw
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Monk Wasabi Kiss
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Necromancer Isana Nightrose
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Mesmer Mystral Kiesrath
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Elementalist Sylvia Emberhart
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Ritualist Kisuna Starhaze
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Dervish Valeria Windcutter
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Some other random mules...