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My name is James Sumners and I am from Atlanta, GA. I have been playing Guild Wars since August of 2005. If you really want my personal information, visit


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Warrior Semaj Srenmus

Semaj Srenmus

This is my first, and main, character. He is a really tall warrior who swings a mean hammer. His skill bar is typically:

Warrior's Endurance.jpg Mighty Blow.jpg Counter Blow.jpg Crushing Blow.jpg Irresistible Blow.jpg Power Attack.jpg Warrior's Cunning.jpg Rebirth.jpg

Though, the seven and eight spots will change depending on my what I am doing at the time. Counter Blow immediately followed by Crushing Blow and then Power Attack, or Mighty Blow, is a deadly combination. Using Warrior's Endurance just about assures that he is hitting with a bonus every time he swings the hammer.

Hammer Collection
  • Giant Slayer's Hammer of Warding
    • Attributes:
      • Maximum damage (19 - 35) req. 9 hammer
      • Damage +13% while hexed
      • Armor +4 versus elemental attacks
  • Fiery Righteous Maul of Fortitude
    • Attributes
      • Maximum damage (19 - 35) req. 12 hammer
      • Health +22
    • Mainly used to fight Ice Golems
  • Furious War Hammer of Enchanting
    • Attributes:
      • Maximum damage (19 - 35) req. 11 hammer
      • Damage +13% against hexed foes
      • Double adrenaline chance 9%
      • Enchantments last 19% longer
  • Icy Hammer of Warding
    • Attributes:
      • Maximum Cold Damage (19 - 35) req. 11 hammer
      • Damage +13% while in a stance
      • Armor +6 versus elemental attacks
  • Zealous Bronze Crusher of Fortitude
    • Attributes:
      • Blunt Damage (19 -35) req. 12 hammer
      • Energy gain on hit: 1
      • Energy regeneration: -1
      • Health +29
      • Inscription: "Let the Memory Live Again"
      • Halves skill recharge of spells chance 10%


Missions Completed:

The Great Northern Wall Fort Ranik Ruins of Surmia Nolani Academy Borlis Pass
The Frost Gate Gates of Kryta D'Alessio Seaboard Divinity Coast The Wilds
Bloodstone Fen Aurora Glade Riverside Province Sanctum Cay Dunes of Despair
Thirsty River Elona Reach The Dragon's Lair Ice Caves of Sorrow Iron Mines of Moladune
Thunderhead Keep Ring of Fire Abaddon's Mouth Hell's Precipice

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