Greetings, Seeker, how are you? I've been playing GuildWars ever since the World Preview Event in May of 2004. I'm also crazy about dragons, as evidenced by the website, for which I've recieved a variety of praise and insults for. But you don't want to hear about that, you want to hear about Guildwars stuff.


Mysterious PvP'er (?/?)

The mysterious PvP'er is a shapeshifter of some sort, and is a master of many professions. Some call him the "Acromaster, Master of the Z-Axis;" others say he is "Justinian, Earl of Sterling." He can apparently change his profession and identity, almost with but a snap of his fingers.

Usually, for reasons beyond the compehension of everyone else, his names are references to dragons in some manner. As the names are often shifted and occasionally rotated, they cannot be listed for fear of being stolen. :)

Father Salsa (Mo/R)

(Named after an alternate name I use online, Salsa, which in turn is named after the website,

Father Salsa left the priesthood to become a combat medic in the Ascalon Vanguard. His favorite tactics to keep the party alive through any situation involve the use of Peace and Harmony or Life Barrier, depending on what the situation calls for. He knows many different spells, and can switch between them with ease.

Father Salsa: "Salsa Picante, my arch nemesis."

Peter Dela Sangre (R/N)

(Named after the protagonist of the novel, The Dragon DelaSangre)

While Peter Delasangre (no space) found it fitting that a dragon's name be associated with a fire elementalist, Peter Dela Sangre preferred a ranger, to make use of those darned tanned hides that were overflowing in the Storage. Necromancer was an obvious secondary choice, as "de la sangre" is Spanish for "of the blood."

He never goes into battle without Melandru's Arrows, and never signs up for a mission without taking enough arrows to handle a sustained Barrage. Weaken Armor, Enfeeble, and Mark of Pain have proven to be invaluable time and time again.

Peter Dela Sangre: "I had to make a Peter DelaSangre of my own, as you can see."

Peter Delasangre: "Nice."

The Dragon Fanatic (E/Me)

(Named as such because I am THE Dragon Fanatic)

The Dragon Fanatic loved dragons for all his life, so much that he took up the elementalist profession to emulate the powers that Hydras use, like Meteor, and the magick of dragons, such as Jagged Crystal Skin (still working on that one). Enough characters have "Dragon" in their name and enough warriors wear those cool dragon helms to keep his fanaticism well-sated.

His ability to deal damage has no equal after using Fire Attunement and a barrage of powerful fire spells. Empathy and Backfire are worth their energy cost in platinum. There is no doubt that being a secondary mesmer was the only correct choice.

The Dragon Fanatic: "Dragon!" (immediately followed by a /point emote)


So, with my credentials and my habit of inventing my own builds (I only look at builds suggested by guildmates), I hope to be at least somewhat helpful to the Wiki. Feel free to message me in-game if you'd like to talk about dragons.

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