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Leif Syverson[]

Hey there. Obviously, I play Guild Wars.
I'm an officer in the Knights of Darshan [KoD].

Current Tasks[]

  • Updating some of the location stubs.
  • Performing some drop rate research. (anywhere, everywhere, anything, everything)
  • Looking for something that really needs doing. (Not the crap that I came up with to do, lol).

Character Profiles[]

  • Leif Syverson— Lvl 20 W/Mo, W/Me from Tyria, Numerous titles (list coming).
  • Amar Torre— Lvl 20 Rt/R from Cantha, Temp Storage.
  • Kombai Yosari— Lvl 20 Mo/Me from Cantha, Survivor, Temp Storage.
  • Aris Leafhaven— Lvl 14 R/N, from Tyria, Temp Storage.
  • Johram Kobur— Lvl 7 D from Elona, Sunspear Commander.
  • Radha Ben Asur— Lvl 3 P from Elona, Temp Storage.
  • Kingsley Shacklbolt— Lvl 1 E from Cantha, Temp Storage.
  • White Tyrrant— PvP Mo, Temp Storage, name saver.
  • Gruh Ghan— PvP W, Temp Storage, name saver.
  • Hidden Vault— PvP W, Permanent Storage.