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Saturday, June 19, 2021
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Why Play GW?

It would be similar to building a deck in Magic: The Gathering: The more cards you own, the greater the number of different playing decks you can choose to play. When you buy the chapters of Guild Wars, you will acquire a larger collection of skills and abilities from which to build your skill set, but you will not gain more power. - Guild Wars FAQ

  • Joined because of gameplay similar to Magic: the Gathering (no overpowered things, regular balancing)
  • Business Model with no monthly fee, so when you are busy you don't feel compelled to play and end up screwed
  • Skill balancing and skill-based play: best balanced skill system besides MtG online, which is a CCG not 3D and doesn't have missions/quests
  • Eliminates grind of leveling skills and attributes
  • Decent level cap attainment, unlike some other games with lvl 60, 100+ level caps that take forever
  • Mission/Quest based Goal versus level goals
  • full 3D, not 3D on isometric background
  • minimal time investment (much like RTS/FPS)
  • Fusion of RTS and FPS elements: interrupts, resource control, capture the flag
  • World Championship based on skill
  • Observer mode to learn new strategies and to think of counters
  • No skill-leveling BS grinding such as "Fire attack Level 1 --> Fire attack Level 2" after zapping something 50000000 times with Fire
  • Vanity armor provides no extra stats, just appearance
  • Customization of weapons/armor
  • Instant PvP Characters
  • Only one "server" - server infrastructure allows playing with anyone via International Districts
  • Ability to choose male/female character regardless of class
  • Designate PvP areas, instead of random PKing
  • At least 20 skills per class
  • Banning of cheaters/hackers
  • Low server downtime
  • The developers play on a regular basis, and alpha testers play all the time (24/7)

Game Info

  • Played Guild Wars in E3 for Everyone & World Preview Event in 2004
  • "Life Infusion" was a character CARRIED OVER from these 2 events. It was a E/Mo. It had to be remade after I got the Prophecies campaign since the wipe of the server in preparation for launch changed it into a Warrior (ugh). Therefore it does not have the full /age...

-->Images: lifeinfusionle5.jpg

  • Prophecies Standard Edition (It's okay, I got everything from CE from someone that quit to play Oblivion: art book, manuals, authentic soundtrack... only missing the Divine Aura, box, and headset)
Missed preorder :(
  • Factions Collector's Edition (map poster is useful, soundtrack + bonus music key is good, art book is nice, I'm using the mouse pad at the moment, only thing bad about it was the Ritualist themed box because I wanted an assassin box, calendar/stickers aren't too useful)
Didn't get a T-shirt though I got CE...I'm guessing the sales people hid them or something...
  • Preordering Nightfall Collector's Edition (for the behind-the-scenes DVD, art book, music CD, map poster, skill pins aren't too useful)
Prerelease Bonus Pack

Festival Hats unlocked:

Missing in-game:

  • Prophecies Preorder weapons
  • 2006 edition/Game of the Year weapons
  • Divine Aura (CE prophecies)
  • Grey Giant
  • Horns of Grenth (I never bothered with Grenth side)

Missing physically:

  • The Art of Guild Wars – Book 2, Map of Tyria, Bonus Music CD, DirectSong mini pak code --> special edition
  • Double-sided poster: Necromancer and Assassin-->2006 Edition

Guild History

  • The Pheonix Brotherhood - GvGed, officer position
Dismantled due to inactivity of some members/officers
  • Guild Wars Guru - officer position
Dismantled due to lack of enthusiasm of members and recruiting difficulties
  • Legacy of the Chosen - member
Left due to members' concern for farming and not questing
  • Champions of the Unknown - member (current)
Official UNKN Forum, Sign up
PvE, AB, FoW, UW
Teamspeak, forum
20+ active people
Alliance leader

Guild Wars Characters

Life Infusion

Monk Monk
Ritualist Ritualist
Dervish Dervish?



Interesting Point: always carries renewable resurrect skills (that's where the name came from), and uses damage skills that provide support. Examples include wards, blinding skills, water slowdown hexes, knockdown skills, and other utility skills . Tends to use hex removal and heal party if not running dual elemental attributes like air/earth. Go here for old images:

Confusion Infusion

Mesmer Mesmer
Monk Monk
Dervish Dervish
Paragon Paragon?



Interesting Point: Originally a Blood Necro with mesmer hexes, now usually a Blood/Curses Necro with shutdown (hence the name). Seldom running Minion Master builds.

Life Blade

Ranger Ranger
Necromancer Necromancer
Assassin Assassin



Interesting Point: Life Blade is the only PvE character without the "________ Infusion" naming convention. Tend to use skills with maximum defensive and tactical applications but never called a tank due to damage output. Frenzy is avoided at all costs.

Vital Infusion (Factions)

Mesmer Mesmer - Primarily Inspiration Magic skills

(Secondary would not account for much except energy management, area buffs, and anti-interrupt/KD)



Interesting Point: Reluctant to make a monk without hair on the top of his head or a cliche female monk with 2 buns on her head, this male monk was made in Factions with hair.

(Future Ranger - Factions/Nightfall Campaign)


(Secondary would not account for much)

  • Male, Level 0, (not created yet)


  • (not created yet)


  • (not created yet)

Interesting Point: In avoiding creation of cliche female Ranger with 15k Druid's, this will be a male with a SHORT haircut in Factions or Nightfall (if they have short haircuts). Still waiting on armor that is worth getting for a male ranger, maybe Nightfall will finally provide motivation for me to do so. Also, I need a name to fit with the ________ Infusion specification.

GW Wiki Tasks

GW Wiki Formatting

Essential Links



Somewhat Offtopic

When you look at Guild Wars isn't simply a game that's about beating each other over the head with damage and whoever wins the race is the winner. Instead it's a game about controlling the state of the battle, of finding or creating situations where certain types of damage will rock your opponent, while stopping your opponent from doing the same. It's about disrupting your opponent's strategy, by proactively screwing up his offense and setting up defenses that he isn't prepared to deal with. It's about shutting down your opponent's ability to do the same to you. - Charles Ensign

The status of the character should reflect the status of the player behind it.

A high-level character isn't just a high-level character: it's a marker of player status. If it's worn by someone not entitled to wear it, that very seriously annoys those who are entitled to wear it. It says something about a player's achievements: it's non-transferrable.

Aspirations and Goals


Experience and gameplay:

Legitimate Ingame Wealth:

  • Keep getting all the Holiday_Items
  • Get a Superior Vigor through PvE
  • Get a Superior Absorption through PvE
  • Find a Gold, Max Prophecies Campaign Sickle
  • Obtain every Minipet (or at least the ones I want)
  • Get 1000K (1 million gold): without farming, scamming, or soloing (not likely that this will be achieved by me)

After PvE:

  • Boost Alliance faction up
  • Rank 12 in Heroes' Ascent?
  • PvP?

Oddball Builds, thought of on a whim

They may not be necessarily effective, they just are thoughts of how to synergize certain skills without being cookie-cutter, or as the dictionary puts it, "marked by lack of originality or distinction".
Embrace the inner Johnny in you!

Johnny likes a challenge. Johnny enjoys winning with cards that no one else wants to use. He likes making decks that win in innovative ways. What sets Johnny apart from the other profiles is that Johnny enjoys deckbuilding as much as (or more than) he enjoys playing. Johnny loves the cool interactions of the cards. He loves combo decks. Johnny is happiest when he’s exploring uncharted territory.
...R&D designs some cards for Johnny. Johnny cards are cards that have unique effects that Johnny can build cool decks around. In general, Johnny cards are the kind of cards with real potential. (Some of them will eventually excite Spike.) Good examples of Johnny cards are Holistic Wisdom, Radiate, and Battle of Wits.

- Magic the Gathering R& D team ([1], [2])

  • Submitted Builds: [[3]]