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Content page title color
ChampionshipNavBox Guild Wars Championship Series
ProfessionsNavBox Professions
CampaignsNavBox Campaigns #f8e488
ConditionsNavBox Conditions
GuildHallsNavBox Guild Halls #b0e8d4
C1MissionNavBox Prophecies Campaign Missions #f8e488
AllianceBattleNavBox Alliance Battle maps
NightfallHeroesNavBox Nightfall Heroes lightblue
TitlesNavBox Titles #ee9999
EliteSkillLocationsNavBox Elite skill locations gold
PropheciesHenchmenNavBox Prophecies Henchmen lightblue
FactionsHenchmenNavBox Factions Henchmen lightblue
NightfallHenchmenNavBox Nightfall Henchmen lightblue
NightfallArmorCrafterNavBox Nightfall Armor crafters gold
PropheciesArmorCrafterNavBox Prophecies Armor crafters gold
FactionsArmorCrafterNavBox Factions Armor crafters gold
C2MissionNavBox Factions Campaign Missions #f8e488
C3MissionNavBox Nightfall Campaign Missions #f8e488
MinionsNavBox Controllable Minions lightgreen
SkillQRNavBox Skill quick references
PvESkillQRNavBox PvE skill quick references
PreorderitemsNavBox Preorder items lightblue
C3ChallengeNavBox Nightfall Campaign Challenge Missions #f8e488
C2ChallengeNavBox Factions Campaign Challenge Missions #f8e488
HA-MapsNavBox Heroes' Ascent Maps #ee6a50
GWENHenchmenNavBox Eye of the North Henchmen lightblue
DungeonsNavBox Dungeons lightblue
PolymockNavBox Polymock Pieces #DB70DB
EyeOfTheNorthHeroesNavBox Eye of the North Heroes lightblue
MonumentsNavBox Monuments in the Hall of Monuments peachpuff
SecondaryProfessionsNavBox Secondary professions for ...
Damage types Damage types
HighResSkillsNavBox High-resolution skill icons
NavBox/doc Guild Wars Championship Series
NavBox/doc Guild Wars Championship Series
EotNMissionNavBox Eye of the North storyline quests #f8e488
Q1NavBox Quest Series #f8e488
SkillQRNavBoxPvP Skill quick references (PvP)
WiKQuestNavBox War in Kryta Quests #f8e488
TormentedWeaponsNavBox Tormented Weapons lightblue
DestroyerWeaponsNavBox Destroyer Weapons lightblue
Oppressor'sWeaponsNavBox Oppressor's Weapons lightblue
ZodiacWeaponsNavBox Zodiac Weapons lightblue
CelestialWeaponsNavBox Celestial Weapons lightblue
WeaponsofPurityNavBox Weapons of Purity lightblue
NornWeaponsNavBox Norn Weapons lightblue
AsuranWeaponsNavBox Asuran Weapons lightblue
CharrslayerWeaponsNavBox Charrslayer Weapons lightblue
DeldrimorWeaponsNavBox Deldrimor Weapons lightblue
CommemorativeWeaponsNavBox Commemorative Weapons lightgreen
DeldrimorUniqueWeaponsNavBox Deldrimor Unique Weapons lightgreen
CharrWeaponsNavBox Charr Weapons lightblue
MursaatWeaponsNavBox Mursaat Weapons lightblue
TenguWeaponsNavBox Tengu Weapons lightblue
UndeadWeaponsNavBox Undead Weapons lightblue
AmberWeaponsNavBox Amber Weapons lightblue
CandyWeaponsNavBox Candy Weapons lightblue
ArcaneWeaponsNavBox Arcane Weapons lightblue
ArchaicWeaponsNavBox Archaic Weapons lightblue
BrambleWeaponsNavBox Bramble Weapons lightblue
BronzeWeaponsNavBox Bronze Weapons lightblue
CrenellatedWeaponsNavBox Crenellated Weapons lightblue
CrudeWeaponsNavBox Crude Weapons lightblue
DeadWeaponsNavBox Dead Weapons lightblue
DragonSwordsNavBox Dragon Swords lightblue
EnvoyWeaponsNavBox Envoy Weapons lightblue
GothicWeaponsNavBox Gothic Weapons lightblue
GuardianSpearsNavBox Guardian Spears lightblue
HighlanderBladesNavBox Highlander Blades lightblue
IgneousWeaponsNavBox Igneous Weapons lightblue
InsectoidWeaponsNavBox Insectoid Weapons lightblue
JadeWeaponsNavBox Jade Weapons lightblue
JaggedReaversNavBox Jagged Reavers lightblue
MagmasWeaponsNavBox Magmas Weapons lightblue
OakenWeaponsNavBox Oaken Weapons lightblue
OutcastWeaponsNavBox Outcast Weapons lightblue
PlatinumWeaponsNavBox Platinum Weapons lightblue
RavenWeaponsNavBox Raven Weapons lightblue
RubyWeaponsNavBox Ruby Weapons lightblue
RunicWeaponsNavBox Runic Weapons lightblue
SageBladesNavBox Sage Blades lightblue
ShadowWeaponsNavBox Shadow Weapons lightblue
StoneSummitWeaponsNavBox Stone Summit Weapons lightblue
TribalWeaponsNavBox Tribal Weapons lightblue
Droknar'sWeaponsNavBox Droknar's Weapons lightgreen
AureateWeaponsNavBox Aureate Weapons lightblue
DarkScimitarsNavBox Dark Scimitars lightblue
DesolationWeaponsNavBox Desolation Weapons lightblue
ForgottenWeaponsNavBox Forgotten Weapons lightgreen
GlyphicMaulsNavBox Glyphic Mauls lightblue
Kanaxai'sWeaponsNavBox Kanaxai's Weapons lightgreen
Urgoz'sWeaponsNavBox Urgoz's Weapons lightgreen
NightmareWeaponsNavBox Nightmare Weapons lightblue
OrnateWeaponsNavBox Ornate Weapons lightblue
SuntouchedWeaponsNavBox Suntouched Weapons lightblue
WintergreenWeaponsNavBox Wintergreen Weapons lightblue
PlaguebornWeaponsNavBox Plagueborn Weapons lightblue
ImperialWeaponsNavBox Imperial weapons lightblue
ImperialDragonWeaponsNavBox Imperial Dragon weapons lightblue