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It's ma Guitar Hero stats, foo'!

# Cool Peoples
1 Entropy (talk) I AM ENTROOPERZ
2 RT (talk) awesomesaucenessuber1337bbqsaucew/qqontopw/asideofnou
3 Vipermagi (talk) Beat me to my own first post on my talk page
4 JediRogue (talk) Congrats w/ the adminship!
5 Auron (talk) because I can.

(If you feel that you are truly cool enough to be considered to possibly be an option to maybe get the grace of being lucky enough to be chosen to be one of the blessed people that are honored on my cool people list, leave me a message and I might consider reading it, which may manage to be amazing enough to be recognized as an option for filling out my spectacular list, if you're lucky. Thanks! --Marcopolo47 signature new.jpg (Talk) (Contr.))

# Un-Cool Peoples
1 Ricky (talk) if you insist...

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Spamming Healing Signet & RC forever! Untill it doesnt happen anymoar. Which will be never. Or guildwiki dies. and we go on rampage. >:-)

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QQ me a river Fertile Season.jpg build a bridge, Bridge.jpg And get over it Get over it!.jpg

Real Life[]

The Real Marcopolo47.jpg
Species: Human
Profession: Elementalist (I make it hot!) Elementalist-icon.png
Level(s): 16


What this user does on Guildwiki (Feel free to change it if I missed anything):

  • Spams talk pages.
  • Does not edit armor-pages, I never want to get into that mess.
  • Annoys people.
  • Stubs articles.
  • Argues about related skills.
  • Spams talk pages.
  • Removes retarded trivia.
  • Spams talk pages.
  • Thinks he's quite something. (For a good reason)
  • Helps (annoys) people about their sig conforming to GW:SIGN
  • Spams talk pages.

Skills Used[]


This user is one of two uber-1337 characters to be pr0 enuf ta uze thre 1337 ski11zz. Conzidrr himm haxxxorzz

Marcopolo47's Real Life Girlfriend[]

Marcopolo47's Real Life Girlfriend.jpg
Species: Human
Profession: Mesmerizing Mesmer-tango-icon-20.png
Level(s): 13



Skills used[]

My Gallery[]

Edit conflict with myself.jpg Can any1 tell me how the hell this happened?? Pwnage.jpg(I'm AK47)

Frenzy Warrior FTW.jpg
Spider Money.jpg
Lagging Skills.jpg
End of the World Gradion the Pyro.jpg
Gradion the Pyro.jpg
Naked Man2.jpg