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Mesmer Chrissi Chan

Warrior Joshua At Home

Assassin Laizhe Of Daye

Ritualist Little Trainwreck

Ranger Ranger Rickalis

Dervish Rickalis Da Dervish

Paragon Rickalis Da Imbagon

Warrior Rickalis Tu Rivers

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Monk Yukimi Chan

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Nope, I'm NOT an admin here, I just <3 this wiki. After reading some of the talk pages of a few of the Admins, it appeared to me that while this wiki may be fully fleshed out, save for a few of the recent in game changes, the talk pages indicate it may be in trouble. So I'm stepping up, and plan on doing my part to keep this wiki going in my spare time, watching RC like a junky hooked on crack, having fun and learning a lot in the process. Currently suffering from Guild Wars burnout :/ Fudge ....


The layout of this page and the basic design of the navigation tabs were stolen shamelessly from Dr Ishmael.

Parts of the character template were inspired by Cavalier's and Lensor's templates, as lifted from Dr Ishmael's user page.

About me[]

Male.png Rick, age 36

Pukalani, Hawaii
I.T. Nerd - I get paid to fix your computer problems (provided you work in the company I work at)
The island of Maui. Long story short, it's the island in the state of Hawaii I currently reside on.

I've been playing Guild Wars since I (finally) received a copy of it for Christmas circa 2005, though I didn't install it and create a character until the day after apparently, as "Rickalis Tu Rivers" receives birthday gifts on the 26th of December. I've played Rickalis primarily for the past 9 years as a sword wielding Warrior, hanging out in Prophecies, Nightfall, and Eye of the North. I only recently (as in LATE 2010) completed Factions, but that took some will power as I really dislike Factions. I fell in love with DoA, but due to basic Warrior hate from DoA "elitists" I rolled both a Paragon & a Mesmer in order to get more DoA action.

I have a bit of Guild Wars A.D.D. in the sense that I'll start working on a title, and near the finish line, I'll get bored of the grind, and start on something else. Which is why I've yet to complete Factions (mission & bonus) in finally completed Factions in Hard Mode, get gotten that last 1.2% of cartography in Nightfall, or with the recent update to Survivor, actually ATTAIN a Rank 3 Survivor title (this may be more due to my Kilroy playstyle due to 5 years of Warrior fun).

UPDATE: I finally attained R3 Survivor, and promptly killed myself in the Domain of Anguish. Dammit. Need the last 1.2% of Tyria, and another 19% of Cantha. Maybe in another 5 years?
UPDATE: Got that last 1.2% of Tyria, god that was mind numbingly boring. Vanquishing Elona now, saving the worst (Factions) for last :/
UPDATE: ELona finally vanquished, working on Factions finally. Maybe by year 10 of Guild Wars?

Current Guild[]

I'm Not Old I Just Got [LAG]. Been a member for over 2 years now. Only real requirement to join is you gotta be over 30. It's part of a huge alliance called MARA, covering both Luxon and Kurzick faction.


See the tabs to the left for articles on my characters, including background, armor, builds, titles, etc.


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Tuxlogo.png There are no two ways about it - this user is a linux geek!.

This user has spent 4705 hours in Guild Wars in 99 months (1.6 h/day).

Stuff I need to do? (In no particular order)

  • Finish mapping Faction
  • Finish vanquishing Factions
  • Finish vanquishing Nightfall DONE SON!
  • Max out Drunkard
  • Max out Party Animal
  • Max out Sweet Tooth
  • EVENTUALLY follow through with a pre searing LDoA toon (tried a Necro, got bored quickly)
  • Get enough PvP in to get a title in HoM (good luck, PvP is near dead, and you're a newb and you know it!)
  • Max Kurzick rank (only 187 Arborstone vanquishes to go!)
  • Get more "Elite" armor
  • Wrap up my Monument of Valor

Easy, right?