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Elona-icon.png Hi, I am mendel. I used to play Guild Wars on all 4 campaigns casually, going for Cartographer (= scraping), following the storyline, taking all side quests, not looking up any builds and avoiding consumables. More time on the wiki = less time for Guild Wars. I rarely play PvP. I used to have sysop and bureaucrat powers here on GuildWiki. Who am I?

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If we are going to crash, then I want to go out in style, doing things my way and following my heart. Entropy, 3 Nov 08
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As in any good traditional commercial, here are some quotes badly ripped out of context to make them appear more favorable than they originally were. Sorted in reverse chronological order.

  • "Mendel has the Fast Casting skill, Delegate Powers [for 6...36 months, your wiki-related projects complete more quickly]" Tennessee Ernie Ford, [1]
  • "You're rather clinically direct and objective, generally patient, and not a pretentious caustic jerkwad" AudreyChandler, [2]
  • "Hysterically long" GW-Alc, [3]
  • "You're irritating as hell, persistent, and a fucking carebear." "You're really thick and don't take hints.." private msn conversation, 12 April 2009
  • "BTW - mendel was hands down the best user that wasn't given administrative privileges fast enough - top job on everything" Randomtime, on #gwiki, 22:26, 19 March 2009 (UTC)
  • "Y, herro dar." Omnithrash
  • "Will you get out of my wardrobe?" Suicidal Tendencie No really... get out of there...
  • "Dude, liek, we needz you here.... I needz you. plz don't leave :-( "Arnout aka The Emperors Angel, [4]
  • "I may be an admin, but that doesn't mean I'm right!" mendel, here
  • "I think you hit all the bases with that article" Macros, [5]
  • "reasonably funny" Felix Omni, [6]
  • "mendel has a great point" PanSola, [7]
  • "actually keeps this wiki afloat" Lurkerabove, [8]
  • "one of the most reasonable people in this community" Dr Ishmael, [9]
  • "I gotta say I love your edit summaries." Entrea, [10]
  • " You Win: The Ruricu Awesome Star for today for your awesome reply" Ruricu, [11]
  • "I think you are a great contributor." Isk8, [12]
  • "I just wanted to compliment you on your diplomacy, sophistication in public and general knack for codes and the way things work." Powersurge360, [13]
  • "you've got some mad wiki skillz." CorrectJeans, [14]
  • "you are really good at HTML" Hellbringer, [15]

There are three things all wise men fear: the sea in storm, a night with no moon, and the anger of a gentle man.

Patrick's sequel to "The Name of the Wind" is called "The Wise Man's Fear", and it's finally out.

For an interesting webcomic statement on books vs. electronic media see here.

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