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Recovering from a hack, info about gear is outdated[]

I'm rebuilding my account after a RMT hack. Thankfully no characters were deleted, but pretty much all the gear was gone. I've got everyone out of their undies and into some usable gear, but not much more yet.

Characters Other Junk
Ranger-icon-small.pngTanner Blackfeather

Monk-icon-small.pngMariano Pomposo

Dervish-icon-small.pngRezza Fatir

Elementalist-icon-small.pngAkram Fatir

Paragon-icon-small.pngRanjan Fatir - Going for Legendary Survivor.

Necromancer-icon-small.pngCadmius Peverell

Ritualist-icon-small.pngIgnotius Peverell

Assassin-icon-small.pngAgaitas Peverell

Warrior-icon-small.pngAbbie Norberg

Mesmer-icon-small.pngThomas Raglan

Monk-icon-small.pngMiss Blackfeather - LDoA candidate, lvl 11.

Ranger-icon-small.pngMr Blackfeather Sr - PvP Mule

Necromancer-icon-small.pngWts Wtb - PvE Mule.

Account Titles:[]
Steward of the Kurzicks (6)
Sentinel of the Luxons (5)
Favored (3)
Unfavored (3)
Advanced Treasure Hunter (3)
Devourer of Wisdom (4)

Collection of Unreplicable Greens.

Story progression summary

Summary of my various Armors.

Nick's past spots
High-resolution skill icons
Portal jumping project

PvE Skills
W Ra Mo N Me E A Rt P D
Tanner K/L/S K/L/S K/S K/L/S K/L/S K/L/S K/L/S K/L/S K/L/S K/L/S
Mariano K/L/S K/S K/L/S K/S K/S K/S K/S K/S K/S K/S
Rezza K/S K K K K K/S K/L/S
Akram K/L K/L K/L K/L K/L K/L/S K/L K/L K/L K/L
Ranjan K K K K K K K K K/S K
Cadmius K/L K K
Ignotius K K K K K K K K/L/S K/L K
Agaitas K/L K K K K K/S K/L/S K K K
Abbie K/L/S K/S K/S K/S K/S K/S K/S K/S K/S K/L/S
  • Templates
    • Dr_ishmael for the Character template, and a lot more!
      • And Mendel for modifying said template for my needs :D
    • Thervold and Kyrasantae for the Mission Progresson templates
  • Userboxes
    • **The Falling One** for the Melandru box
    • Nicked a bunch from Vipermagi, who in turn has attributed some to others:
      • Give a Damn userbox from Prog (after he stole the pic off DII Forums)
      • Sarcasm box from MP47 (made by Ricky)
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