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Evenstar of Angmar

Evenstar of Angmar

Necromancer / Monk or Necromancer / Mesmer

  • About Evenstar of Angmar:

I really don't know why I didn't make a Necromancer ever since I played Guild Wars. It is currently my favorite toon to play, even topping my Monk which was my favorite for 10 months. All I can say is that I enjoy playing as a minion master, SS Nuker and also as a Midnight Solo. I already farmed her a Ghial's Staff (yes, farm, because frankly I don't like having to pay for something that is attainable ^^). I am also looking forward to the Nightfall campaign, where I am sure I'll enjoy playing with her toon more.

  • Date Created: August 11, 2006
  • Exp: 1,101,968 xp as of 11/09/06
  • Titles
    • Kind Of A Big Deal (1)
    • Protector of Cantha (13/13)
    • Protector of Tyria (25/25)
    • Legendary Spearmarshal (10)
    • Holy Lightbringer (8)
    • Canthan Grandmaster Cartographer (100%)
    • Elonian Pathfinder (70%)
  • Builds Played
    • Minion Master
    • SS Nuker
    • Battery
  • Armors
    • 1.5k Shing Jea undyed (Revenant's Armor & Bloodstained Boots)
  • Weapons
    • Ghial's Staff
    • The Stonereaper
    • Totem Axe
  • Goals
    • get "Elonian Grandmaster Cartographer" title
    • get "Protector of Elona" title
    • get 15k Luxon armor (Minion Master's)
    • get 1.5k Kurzick armor (Cabalist's Armor)
    • get "Incorrigible Ale-Hound" title

Location of Treasure Nearest Outpost and Map Type Signature
Issnur Isles Beknur Harbor (map) Buried Treasure --
Mehtani Keys Kodlonu Hamlet (map) Treasure Chest --
Arkjok Ward Pogahn Passage (map) Buried Treasure --
Jahai Bluffs Sunspear Sanctuary (map) Treasure Chest --
Bahdok Caverns Moddok Crevice (map) Do Not Touch --
The Mirror of Lyss The Kodash Bazaar (map) Buried Treasure --
The Hidden City of Ahdashim Dasha Vestibule (map) Treasure Chest --
Forum Highlands Tihark Orchard (map) Do Not Touch --
The Ruptured Heart The Mouth of Torment (map) Buried Treasure --
The Sulfurous Wastes Remains of Sahlahja (map) Treasure Chest --
Domain of Pain Gate of Fear (map, map) Treasure Chest --
Nightfallen Jahai Gate of Pain (map) Treasure Chest --