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Neoma Reiko[]

Character-Neoma Reiko.jpg Armor type

The name "Neoma Reiko" started from the game Rising Force Online. She was a healer, a Soul Chandra. I figured that I'd use the same name here. The name "Neoma" originated from the Greek meaning - New Moon. Some people think it's a Japanese name since I used "Reiko" for her last name. "Reiko" -- from the meaning child of rei also means 'gratitude'. The character was created because of what she character is supposed to be.

  • New moon > first moon > first month > first born > first character.
  • Reiko > gratitude
My character should always be in gratitude, responsibleness (the ability to adjust to sudden altered external condition.. etc). Having the name "Neoma Reiko" gave a little justice to my character and to her profession.

Title Tracks[]

  • Protector of Tyria
  • Protector of Cantha
  • Protector of Elona
  • Tyria Guardian Track (1 missions)
  • Tyrian Vanquisher Track (4 areas)
  • Elonian Vanquisher Track (1 areas)
  • Tyrian Cartographer (93.5%)
  • Canthan Pathfinder (70.2%)
  • Elonian Explorer (66.5%)
  • 47 Tyrian Elite Skills
  • 31 Canthan Elite Skills
  • 24 Elonian Elite Skills
  • Spearmarshal (28,804 points)
  • Revered Lightbringer (25,281 points)
  • Not Too Annoying (33,443 points)
  • Risky Delver (25,988 points)
  • Stealth Agent (15,128 points)
  • Slayer of Nightmares (8,820 points)
  • Pioneer of the North (201 points)
  • Drunkard Track (201 minutes)
  • Sweet Tooth Track (234 points)
  • Legendary Guardian Track (3 titles)
  • Maxed Titles Track (3 maxed titles)