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Just getting the hang of wiki code, never used it before (and my HTML's a bit rusty too).


Little Cared For Facts

  • I named Lyssa without realising that was the name of the Goddess of Illusion, which is really irritating as I thought it was a pretty good name for a Mesmer. Everybody must look at it and think "Wow, named after the goddess, tres bland". Or possibly "LFP 6/8 MONKS!!!1".
  • If you're a Necromancer who doesn't play as a Minion Master or SS Nuker and you want to get into a PUG here's what to do: forget it. The others aren't interested. Just take those hundred or so non-MM/SS related Necromancy skills, and don't let the door hit you on the way out.


  • 3 successful Tomb runs out of 4 attempts
  • 3 Gladiator points

Best Guild Wars Moments to Date

  • First time seeing a wurm
  • First time entering the Amnoon Oasis
  • Finding the various bones and their stories in the desert
  • First successful Tomb run
  • Beating a member of The Last Pride in the random arenas