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  Min Maj Sup   Min Maj Sup   Min Maj Sup
Critical Strikes       Divine Favor       Channeling Magic      
Dagger Mastery       Healing Prayers       Communing      
Deadly Arts       Protection Prayers       Restoration Magic      
Shadow Arts       Smiting Prayers       Spawning Power      
Earth Prayers       Blood Magic       Absorption      
Mysticism       Curses       Axe Mastery      
Scythe Mastery       Death Magic       Hammer Mastery      
Wind Prayers       Soul Reaping       Strength      
Air Magic       Command       Swordsmanship      
Earth Magic       Leadership       Tactics      
Energy Storage       Motivation       Vigor      
Fire Magic       Spear Mastery       Attunement  
Water Magic       Beast Mastery       Clarity  
Domination Magic       Expertise       Recovery  
Fast Casting       Marksmanship       Restoration  
Illusion Magic       Wilderness Survival       Purity  
Inspiration Magic               Vitae  

Account Records

  • 5 Gladiator points

Little Cared For Facts

  • I named Lyssa without realising that was the name of the Goddess of Illusion, which is really irritating as I thought it was a pretty good name for a Mesmer. Everybody must look at it and think "Wow, named after the goddess, tres bland". Or possibly "LFP 6/8 MONKS!!!1".
  • If you're a Necromancer who doesn't play as a Minion Master or SS Nuker and you want to get into a PUG here's what to do: forget it. The others aren't interested. Just take those hundred or so non-MM/SS related Necromancy skills, and don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Classes I Wish They'd Introduce

  • Engineer: uses firearms, crossbows and various other tecchie things (possibly making enemies crash at vital moments).
  • Shapeshifter: can transform into various different animals, each with innate advantages and disadvantages, along with various skills that can only be used in certain forms.
    • The Dervish forms are half what I had in mind. I was more envisaging each attribute line reflecting an animal type (bird, reptile, cat, bear, whatever) with several transformations and abilities in each, with the primary attribute giving bonuses while in those forms.
  • Spearman: uses spears, halberds and polearms. Not entirely sure how it'd work in the game, I just think it'd be cool.
    • Paragon doesn't count - I mean pokey spears, not throwy spears.

Best Guild Wars Moments to Date

  • First time seeing a wurm
  • First time entering the Amnoon Oasis
  • Finding the various bones and their stories in the desert
  • First successful Tombs run
  • Beating a member of The Last Pride in the random arenas