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This is the official up-to-date list of things I would love to pawn off to unsuspecting victims customers

All of the weapon mods listed in the discriptions are max (i.e. Sundering :thing: of Shelter is 20^20, +7 AL vs. phys.). I couldn't be bothered to list the non-max mods, and it just makes it more difficult to read anyway.

  • Swords
    • Vampiric Jade Sword of Shelter (req. 9, 15^50, non-insc.)
    • Fiery Gladius of Shelter (req. 11, +5 en., insc.)
    • Sundering Flamberge of Warding (req. 10, insc.)
    • Poisonous Flamberge of Swordsmanship (req. 12, insc.)
    • Poisonous Dead Sword (req. 9, HSR 10%, insc.)
  • Ritualist Weapons
    • Insightful Zodiac Staff of Ogreslaying (req. 11 comm., non-insc.)
    • Platinum Wand of Quickening (req. 13 spawn., en. +15 en. regen -1, insc.)