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At 12:00 a.m. CST Tue, this contest will be considered completely done with. Please do not make any new edits to this page.

Hello for those of you who stumbled upon this page. For too long, I've notice that the metagame is dictated by only a few uber1337 skills and builds. This is the way it should be, no doubt, but it does leave some problems around. Mainly, there is no room for any creativity, because your new build will get destroyed at the soonest possible moment. Also, I personally (and I assume others) get bored of running the same 3, 2, or even one build in HA/GvG/whatever have you day in, day out. So, I decided to devise this little contest in my spare time. I am choosing the 10 or so elites that are either unused, misused, or just plain god awful. Your job, should you choose to accept it, is to take one of these elites and make a build around it. Here are the rules:

  • Only registered users. I don't want to be answering to a bunch of anon IP adresses, and it's not too difficult to get an account.
  • The build in question must obviously contain the elite skill. Seems like a dumb statement, but this is just to cover any loopholes. This also means the build must have the required profession. I.e., were Searing Flames on here (it's not), one would have to be E/X or X/E, with SF in the bar.
  • Contestants must use a skill placed here. This is for elites considered "bad", not the good ones.
  • Only one person per skill. No one skill can have more than one person, and one person cannot have more than one skill.
  • The build must not have been posted on the wiki before 03/07/06. You must have made a new build for this contest. Simply drudging up an old build and slapping it on a new page won't do, either. Doing this will net in disqualification.
  • The build can be used for anything. Running, Farming, GvG, whatever, so long as it's viable.
  • Judging will consist solely of myself (if anyone wants to do it, feel free to, but then you can't enter in the competition), and will be judged on: Creativity, Viability, Presence of Skill in the Build, and How "unused" the skill of their choice was. These will be on a scale of 1-10.
  • Since the build section has its own fair share of crappy builds, I guess a few more won't hurt it (if the admins disagree, I will change this in a flash). Should you put it in the firing range of untested, here's how it works: Favored votes=+1 bonus point, Unfavored=-1. Getting it Favored yeilds +10, Unfavored=-10. So you can see that Untested can be a bit of a gamble.
  • Sign you name both next to the skill you want, and a message that I will place on the talk page to enter. On the talk page, place your signature and the skill you want.
  • Reward is 5-10k, depending on my generosity and personal funds. Expect 6-7k minimum, though. Oh, and bragging rights, of course.
  • After joining, please place: {{userbox|lightblue|6DDDDDD|[[User:Nog64|Nog64]] [[Image:Word_of_Healing.jpg|40px]]|This user is signed in in [[User:Nog64/Elite Skill Contest|Nog64's contest]]}} on your userpage.
  • Other than that, be creative and have fun!


Assassin[edit | edit source]

Dervish[edit | edit source]

Elementalist[edit | edit source]

Mesmer[edit | edit source]

Monk[edit | edit source]

Necromancer[edit | edit source]

Paragon[edit | edit source]

Ranger[edit | edit source]

Ritualist[edit | edit source]

Warrior[edit | edit source]

  • Skills will be added and deleted at my discretion. Happy Hunting, then!--Nog64Talk Word of Healing.jpg 18:23, 7 March 2007 (CST)