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This is a comprehensive list of all quests in the Prophecies Campaign sorted by region.

Symbol Quest Type
Signet of Capture.png Generic Skill Quests for all professions
Warrior Profession Skill Quest for Warriors only
Ranger Profession Skill Quest for Rangers only
Monk Profession Skill Quest for Monks only
Necromancer Profession Skill Quest for Necromancers only
Mesmer Profession Skill Quest for Mesmers only
Elementalist Profession Skill Quest for Elementalists only
Thrill of Victory.jpg Attribute Point Quest
Recharge.png Repeatable Quests
Quest.png Required to leave Pre-searing Ascalon
Hero Icon.jpg Hero unlocking quest
Travel.png Required to travel to a different campaign

Post-Searing Ascalon[]

Note: Quests in this region are only offered to Prophecies characters.

Ascalon City (Post-Searing)[]

Old Ascalon[]

Regent Valley[]

Serenity Temple[]

Frontier Gate[]

Piken Square[]

Northern Shiverpeaks[]

Note: Quests in this region are only offered to Prophecies characters, except To Kryta: Journey's End.

Yak's Bend[]

Traveler's Vale[]

Beacon's Perch[]

Griffon's Mouth[]


Note: Quests in this region are available to characters of all campaigns, except where noted otherwise.

Lion's Arch[]

North Kryta Province[]

Nebo Terrace[]

Bergen Hot Springs[]


Temple of the Ages[]

Fishermen's Haven[]

Maguuma Jungle[]

Druid's Overlook[]


Quarrel Falls[]

Ettin's Back[]

Henge of Denravi[]

Crystal Desert[]

The Amnoon Oasis[]

Augury Rock[]

Heroes' Audience[]

Seeker's Passage[]

Skyward Reach[]

Destiny's Gorge[]

Southern Shiverpeaks[]

Droknar's Forge[]

Grenth's Footprint[]

Sorrow's Furnace[]

Sorrow's Furnace[]

Part of To Sorrow's Furnace:

Part of The Final Assault:

Not part of other quests:

Ring of Fire Islands[]

Ember Light Camp[]