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My (and friend's) elite skill project, cos were bored :P Elite skill project

My monk is getting the Kind Of A Big Deal title and therefor I set some goals:

mission completion
Elite Skill Progress Legendary Skillhunter Aquired
location exploration

Character Information[]

If you need help just pm me or leave a message on my talk page and I'll try to help
Account Information:

Prophecies: Special Edition
Factions Collector's Edition
Nightfall Collector's Edition + Preorder Pack
Proud member of The Kaizen Order
Total age: 3,515+ hours over 19 months.
Rough amount of money: 450 Platinum
Fame: 198

NecromancerOris RhyNecromancer
Oris Rhy.JPG
Greatest accomplishment: got Razah beaten factions, prophecies, Nightfall

WarriorRogh DaxhWarrior
Rogh Daxh.JPG
beaten Prophecies, factions, Nightfall
Important title:Tyrian Cartographer (92.9%)

RitualistXero The SummonerRitualist
Xero The Summoner.JPG
beaten factions, prophecies, Nightfall

RangerXir AndurRanger
Xir Andur.JPG
beaten factions, 80% of Nightfall, 90% of Prophecies

MonkAegh RalaiMonk
Aegh Ralai.JPG
TITLES: ______________________________ Legendary Spearmarshal Holy lightbringer Legendary Skillhunter Elonian Skillhunter Canthan Skillhunter Tyrian Skillhutner Protector of Elona Protector of Cantha Protector of Tyria Elonian grandmaster Cartographer Canthan grandmaster Cartographer Collector of Wisdom(2) Treasure hunter(1) Tyrian Cartographer (91.5%)

AssassinSyrus QhulAssassin
Syrus Qhul.JPG
beaten factions, nightfall, Factions
Important title:Survivor(1)

ElementalistRyth AglinaElementalist
Ryth Aglina.JPG
beaten Nightfall, 90% in Prophecies
Important title:Sunspear Castellan (8,500), Elonian Trailblazer (80,4%)

ParagonZeyus Leh CalyssParagon
Zeyus Leh Calyss.JPG
beaten Nightfall
Important title: Legendary Survivor(3), Skill Hunter (1)

DervishIrana Makani NiteshDervish
Irana Makani Nitesh.JPG
beaten Nightfall