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I have decided to create this page in order to collect and organize all the improvments and fixes that should be done to the game (just in case a GW developer comes along) :) --Phoenix Phoenix Benu.png 01:01, 1 June 2006 (CDT)

Game info:[]

Things that Should Be Added to the game:[]

  • Merging character accounts with an increasing number in character slots and keeping the characters

or at least Character transfer between accounts

  • Increased bank storage
  • Xunlai Auction House
  • Customizable number of guild ranks, customizable name for guild ranks, and customizable options(rights) for guild ranks as well more viewable options. (similar to WoW guild ranks and other MMORPG)
  • Custom Nickname to friends in the friends list
  • A Campaign to be released. It will be a long time till GW2 with only free content. Also the circle of the 4 elements needs to be completed (P-fire, F-air, N-earth, ?-water).

Bugs & Exploits that should be fixed:[]