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Warrior-icon.png / NA-icon-small.png Poki The Warrior[edit | edit source]

Poki The Warrior.jpg

  • My first character. I tend to play Warriors at the beginning of a new RPG, because they are usually hard to kill and can let a few mistakes slide. Unfortunately, though he does survive a whole lot, I just can't seem to stick my favorite play style in. Now mostly retired.

...and then came the searing. Crystals fell from the sky and devastated the lands of Ascalon. I know, for I was a witness to these events, and a victim of them as well. Wounded, I lied lifelessly while the lands turned into ashes. When I regained consciousness, I found myself in Serenity Temple, by the statue of Dwayna with Mhenlo by my side, nursing me back to health. He saved my life, and for that I am ever grateful.

Years later, I took my sword in hand once again. For the freedom of my people! For the lands of Ascalon!

Assassin-icon.png / NA-icon-small.png Ashura Mazah[edit | edit source]

Ashura Mazah.jpg

  • My main character. The play style I've been looking for. Not many PvE Assassins out there makes me a bit unique too. Wants to prove that Assassins are not useless in PvE and destroy the old myths.

...when I woke up, I was alone on the island. I remembered my name, but I didn't know who or where are my parents. Life was rough, and the Nagas did not make it easier. I had to resort to small thievery to survive.

One day I was caught by Sister Tai and brought back to Shing Jea Monastery. I thought my end was near, but Master Togo only asked me "Are you hungry, my child?". His kindness surprised me. I took up the offer of training at the monastery. Headmaster Lee was more then happy to polish my skills when she overheard Sister Tai talking about how I 'borrowed' food from the villagers living in Kaitan.

Now I'm grown up and my training is complete. I decided to set out into the world and help others in need so I can repay my life debt.

Monk-icon.png / Mesmer Mihila Mazah[edit | edit source]

Mihila Mazah.jpg

  • I made her when Spirit Bond farming was efficient. Still used as a 55 from time to time, but I hate farming, so she's mostly unused.

...and then I heard that I had a sister. She got lost when a storm hit the ship my family was traveling in when I was still a little child. When I grew up, I decided to set out and find her.

During my travels, I found sadness and sorrow. I decided to dedicate my live to helping people in need. then I heard that a few years later, a small child was found stranded on a beach on Shing Jea Island. Could it be? I sailed for the island and requested an audience with Master Togo.

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