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Qelsi710 Qelsi710

Dervish Qelsi Aermaethor

Ranger Qelsi Yew

Warrior Qain Spiderbain

Paragon Qain Valyahta

Assassin Qelsi Shadow

Necromancer Qelsi Mortis

Monk Qain Hue Sang

Mesmer Qelsi Prise de Fer

Elementalist Qelsi Turynaur

Ritualist Qelsi Feamahtar

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Hall of Monuments The Midnight Fold

Ranger Qelsi Yew
User Qelsi710 Qelsi Yew.jpg.jpg

Profile Warrior Monk Necromancer Ritualist Paragon

  • Name: She started my Qelsi theme, inspired by a best friend, with yew being a popular bow wood in Europe.
  • Born: Cantha, 8/13/2006
  • Age: 418 hours
  • Experience: 1.4M points

This was my very first character that I made. I orignally created her on my friend's account, and after starting the character and playing for an hour decided to buy the game. So I recreated her on my account after deleting her from his account. On occasion I'll use her to run to ToA and SC; though, I use her mostly to lead Tombs runs as the puller and party leader.

In-Character: Qelsi was born on Shing Jea Island to a guard in the Minister's Estate. She grew up around the monastery, visiting the instructors often until she was finally old enough to formally enroll. She studied hard under the tutelage of Headmaster Greico quickly becoming one of the best students in her class. While at the monastery, she enrolled in a guild, The Midnight Fold. There she gained further experience as a ranger and also learned how to wield a hammer from guild warriors. Qelsi now leads regular expeditions with her loyal friend Cuthalion, a White Tiger from the woods of Echovald Forest, into the Tomb of the Primeval Kings to clear out the evil manifested within. She makes semi regular trips to visit her family and fight on behalf of the Luxons in the Alliance Battles.

Favorite Builds

Barrage.jpg Savage Shot.jpg Splinter Weapon.jpg Troll Unguent.jpg Throw Dirt.jpg Comfort Animal.jpg Charm Animal.jpg Flesh of My Flesh.jpg

Weapons and Offhands

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Animal Companion

User Qelsi710 Cuthalion.jpg


Only the second Animal companion of Qelsi Yew, replacing her original tiger from Shing Jea Island.



FactionsOutpostIcon.png This character is a Canthan Trailblazer.
Cantha Mission Icon.jpg This character is a Protector of Cantha.
Lightbringer.jpg This character is a Brave Lightbringer.
Sunspear Battle Call.jpg This character is a Sunspear Commander.
Edification.jpg This character is Not Too Clumsy.
Stout-Hearted.jpg This character is a Gutsy Delver.
Rebelyell.JPG This character is a Shadow Agent.
Heart of the Norn.jpg This character is a Slayer of Nightmares.