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<div style="float:right;padding:3px;background:#f6f6f6;border:1px solid #aaa">[[Image:suzie_rts.jpg|Suzie Dynamite|200px]]</div>
<div style="float:right;padding:3px;background:#f6f6f6;border:1px solid #aaa">[[Image:suzie_rts.jpg|Suzie Dynamite|200px]]</div>
*'''All Skills Unlocked?:''' Yes (All Pre-Searing Ones)
*'''Homeland:''' Tyria - Pre-Searing Ascalon
*'''Homeland:''' Tyria - Pre-Searing Ascalon
*'''All Primary Skills Unlocked?:''' Yes (Pre-Searing)
*'''Armor:''' Collector's Armour (Pre-Searing)
*'''Armor:''' Collector's Armour (Pre-Searing)

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Profile Information

AvatarRTSFirebat.gif RTSFirebat

Guild: Servants of Fortuna [SoF]
Alliance Members: Servants of Fortuna Victrix [SoF], Guardians of the Stars [GOTS], The Torrencians [Tor], Defenders of Gods [DOG], All Squishies [SoFT], Odins Hammer [OH], Scouts of Tyria [SoT], Applicant Parking Pad [APP]

Europe 70x40.png This user plays for the territory of Europe.
Ranger-icon.png This user is a Ranger by nature.
Sof-emblem.gif This user is a member of the Servants of Fortuna guild.

All about me

  • Location: UK

Guild Wars Gaming History

I've been playing Guild Wars for some time now, and have enjoyed every moment of it, minus of course constantly nerfing of farming. I currently own and play in all three chapters and the expansion. Originally introduced to the game by a friend of mine while I was at University, I've continued to play ever since. Even after he left for other games.

I was immediately impressed by the game graphics, the overall fun factor(and simple game play. The lack of monthly fees was also a bonus!

I'm a PvE player at heart, but I really enjoy GvGing as well.

I spent most of my 1st year of Guild Wars without a Guild. But finally found a home with the Servants of Fortuna [SoF]. I joined SoF after looking over the SoF website and taking the time to speak to some of its existing members to learn more about the guild.

I've been a proud member of Servants of Fortuna [SoF] guild since September 2006 and never plan to move to another Guild... ever!

Other Gaming History

Before moving to Guild Wars (which is the only game I currently play), I have also played a number of other online multiple player games before. Most notable games I've played are as follows:

  • Starcraft: Brood Wars
  • Unreal Tournament 2003
  • Half Life 1: Multiplayer and Team Fortress Classic
  • Counter Strike
  • Half Life 2: Multiplayer
  • Planetside
  • EVE Online


Ranger-icon.png Luna Silverwood

Luna Silverwood
  • Age: 22 months
  • XP: 3,778,040 EXP
  • All Skills Unlocked?: Yes
  • Homeland: Tyria

  • Titles:
    • Max Title Track: People Know Me (2)
    • Protector of Tyria
    • Protector of Cantha
    • Protector of Elona
    • Legendary Cartographer (All 3 Cartographer Titles)
    • Legendary Spearmarshal
    • Holy Lightbringer
    • Lucky (2)
    • Unlucky (2)

Favourite Skill Bar:

Barrage.jpg Distracting Shot.jpg Savage Shot.jpg Throw Dirt.jpg Whirling Defense.jpg Troll Unguent.jpg Conjure Flame.jpg Sunspear Rebirth Signet.jpg

Dervish-icon.png Luna Deathbringer

Luna Deathbringer
  • All Primary Skills Unlocked?: Yes
  • Homeland: Elona

  • Titles:
    • Protector of Elona

Favourite Skill Bar:

Avatar of Balthazar.jpg Signet of Pious Light.jpg Faithful Intervention.jpg Vital Boon.jpg Lyssa's Assault.jpg Chilling Victory.jpg Distracting Blow.jpg Sunspear Rebirth Signet.jpg

Mesmer-icon.png Suzie Dynamite

Suzie Dynamite
  • Homeland: Tyria - Pre-Searing Ascalon
  • All Primary Skills Unlocked?: Yes (Pre-Searing)

  • Armor: Collector's Armour (Pre-Searing)
  • Weapon of Choice: Spiritbinder
  • Pet: Moa - Name: Cannon Fodder

  • Notes:
    • Primary Mesmer only, but makes use of pet skills
    • Permanent Pre-Searing Ascalon character

Favourite Skill Bar:

Empathy.jpg Conjure Phantasm.jpg Backfire.jpg Imagined Burden.jpg Ether Feast.jpg Comfort Animal.jpg Charm Animal.jpg Resurrection Signet.jpg

NA-icon.png Other Characters

Everyone else

Other PvE Characters:

  • Warrior Luna Lionheart
  • Necromancer Luna The Annoyed
  • Monk Luna Purelight
  • Ritualist Wintersday Luna

PvP Character Name:

  • NA-icon-small.png Aggro Was R T S

My role at Guild Wars Guru

Guild Wars Guru : RTSFirebat
Role: Guru Forum Moderator and Event Guide Editor

Forums: Screenshot Exposition, Tyrian Explorer’s League, Canthan Explorer’s League, Elonian Explorer’s League, Eye of the North Delver's League

If you have any forum issues in the sections I moderate, feel free to PM me.

Guild Wars Guru Event Guides

Gaile Gray gives a thumbs up to my 2007 Cantha New Year Event guide

I am the event guide editor for Guild Wars Guru. I create and edit event guides for Guild Wars Guru using all available information on the Guild Wars website and the Guru forums.

My guides have been acknowledge and approved by former Community Relations Manager Gaile Gray (See image).







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Special Thanks to: Foo, DarkMishkin, Tetris L and 84-175 - Borrowed some ideas from your profiles