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Night log[]

  • Yesterday's priest roll was - 4, nobody was resurrected, there is now a 1 in 8 chance of someone being resurrected
  • The day will start 07:00, 9 February 2008 (UTC)
  • Night Deaths: Jioruji Derako - Doublevoter
  • Other Actions: Misfate was caught with a tripwire sneaking in to Isk8's room, the tripwire is now broken. Whatever misfate was doing was canceled.

Where are you?[]

You wake up, not in your camp bed, but instead, at comfy room in an inn. As you get out of the bed, you see that your items have been placed in the draws next to the bed. Gathering your equipment, you head downstairs, as you enter the Inn's main room, you smell something cooking. Vipermagi is making Bacon. It seems as you have been moved in the night, though this strange inn looks like the best bet for a safe house. You go to the door, and it is locked. Battering down the door reveals another door. The bush in the corner warns you not to continue.
Isk8 comes down, with a tripwire device. Someone had set it near his room. The device had a broken wire, and the crystal orb on its base was glowing with red letters, spelling the name Misfate...

The room marked Jioruji Derako had a bomb in it, the chances of survival were 0 (I.E. he is dead)
You have 3 days from 06:41, 9 February 2008 (UTC)


Misfate (5) - (Entra, Viper, Progger, Isk8, Shadowcrest)

End of day?[]

As you take Misfate to the kitchen and grab a butcher knife, he screams, kicking and shouting "You've got the wrong person", you kick him, and he shuts up. With one quick slice you chop off his head, take his crest and hope never to see the body again.

You were right, he was a Mafia member.
It's time to go to bed... Who will be avenging Misfate's death?