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The Amnoon Oasis.jpg

Night Log[]

  • Priest roll was 8 - the priest may message me with their choice of who to res
  • There is now no chance of anyone else being ressed.
  • Night deaths: Progger - Vigilante (having 1 shot left, he may talk once in the talk page for today and kill one person, if he wishes)
  • Other: Death of MP47, mafia janator...


You wake up, you recognize this place, you are in the Amnoon Oasis, as you wake up, you realize that Vipermagi is cooking Baked Potatos and fish. You take a look, the only person missing is Progger, who was mysteriously killed in the night, before he died he killed Marcopolo47, the Mafia Janator!!! . He was the Vigilante. The mafia may have struck, although his crest is still there.


  1. Warwick - role sent - accepted (using GW)
    Rtf - role sent - accepted
  2. Vipermagi - role sent - accepted
    Progger - role sent - accepted
  3. Shadowcrest - role sent - accepted
  4. Felix Omni Signature.png - role sent
    --Marcopolo47 signature new.jpg - role sent, accepted, dead
  5. Cress Arvein - role sent - accepted
  6. Entrea Sumatae - sent - accepted
  7. --Heart.jpgValenTock - role sent, accepted
    Misfate - role sent - accepted
  8. Isk8 - role sent - accepted

--GEO-logo.png Jïörüjï Ðērākō.>.cнаt^ - role sent - accepted
Majority vote is 4 - I will add 24h after Majority is reached (up to a maximum of the maximum time allowed in the day) for voting to occur.

Day log[]

19:11, 11 February 2008 (UTC):The day finished early (in less than 1 hour) due to inventor item, there will be a short night phase (24 hours). During the next day phase, if Firetock does not talk, and the day lasts more than 24 hours, he will be kicked for inactivity.