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My Personal Wiki Portal, Shamelessly Ripped of from Barek's Userspace. =/ I hope he can forgive me. Content Ripped from Foo's Mainpage. Hopefully he can forgive me too >_<.


Newly... created articles, uploaded images

Game basics
Guilds, builds, and gear
Gameplay types

PvE – Player vs. Environment

PvP – Player vs. Player

Campaigns quick access
Campaign Intro Storyline Missions Quests Locations Collectors Trainers Elite skills "Green" weapons
Core / Common - - - Core Quests Core Locations - - Core Capture - -
Prophecies logo sml.jpg
GWP Intro GWP Story GWP Missions GWP Quests GWP Locations GWP Collectors GWP Trainers GWP Capture GWP Greens GWP Greens list
Factions logo sml.jpg
GWF Intro GWF Story GWF Missions GWF Quests GWF Locations GWF Collectors GWF Trainers GWF Capture GWF Greens GWF Greens list
Nightfall logo sml.jpg
GWN Intro GWN Story GWN Missions GWN Quests GWN Locations GWN Collectors GWN Trainers GWN Capture GWN Greens GWN Greens list
Professions quick access
Profession Secondary
Skills Armor Weapons Profession
all Elite general collector "green" crafted collector attribute
Warrior Warrior W W W W W W W W Axe Ham Str Swd Tac W
Ranger Ranger R R R R R R R R - R
Monk Monk Mo Mo Mo Mo Mo Mo Mo Mo D F Heal Prot Smt - Mo
Necromancer Necromancer N N N N N N N N Bld Cur Dth Soul - N
Mesmer Mesmer Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Dom F C Ill Ins - Me
Elementalist Elementalist E E E E E E E E Air Ear E S Fire Wtr E
Assassin Assassin A A A A A A A A - A
Ritualist Ritualist Rt Rt Rt Rt Rt Rt Rt Rt Chan Com Rest Spawn - Rt
Paragon Paragon P P P P P P P P - P
Dervish Dervish D D D D D D D D - D