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PvP Characters[]

If I am not doing PvE, which seems to be infrequently these days, I'm an avid PvPer. Some of my PvP Characters include:

  • Warrior Readem Tbh Pwns U or Ima Usin A Hamma
  • Ranger Dont Wrry Im Blind or Readem Shoots Ally
  • Monk Hamstorm In HA or Readem Plays Runner
  • Necromancer Readem Hex Hax or Readem Blood Donner or I See Newb Ppl
  • Elementalist Readem Iz Pro Ele or Omg A Flare Spammer
  • Mesmer Readem Pro Dancer or Mesmer Wins Teh PvE
  • Ritualist Spirit Spam Newb or Readem Iz Masa Togo
  • Assassin Readems Got Daggs or Ninja waz Readem
  • Dervish Makes Lawn Work Ez or Readem Lvu Long Tim
  • Paragon Armor Is Teh Sux or Readems Armor Sux

Please Note: I may, or may not use any/all of these characters!