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PvP This User primarily plays PvP.
PvE This User enjoys PvE, but does not take it very seriously.
God I am. I Iz. I R.
prO This User knows, when he sees a prO Build.
Overpowered Trust Skuld! Nerf the Bear!.
Hamstorm If only this Build didn't pwn people...
Newb Noob=Newb. Ya Newb.
GG In this user's experience, this is said before the match, not after.
UAX This user is.
IHST I hate stupid people.
Imba Anet has yet to discover the true meaning of this.
Life This User sux at life.
Spelling ftl This User knows grammar is bad for you.
QQ This User is more intelligent than you, get over it.
Grammar ftl This User knows spelling is bad for you.

=**About Myself**=

I am an active contributor to Guild Wiki, and play the game on a regular basis. If you need any help regarding this site, or even the game itself, feel free to contact me on my Talk-page. Thank-you for your cooperation :)!

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How we doing now comrads? :)

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