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Dervish Renai Mu

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Dervish Renai Mu
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  • Name: In Japanese, the verb 'aiirenai' means to be out of harmony or in conflict with. Her last name actually comes from Death Note, from the last chapter. Spoiler: Mu is the place where all humans go when they die. So her name sort of translates to be 'One in Conflict with Death' to me, as I originally pictured her as a holy warrior of the Sunspears, and she started off as my first serious survivor attempt.
  • Born: Elona, 9/7/2007
  • Age: 1,757 hours
  • Experience: 11,795,064 points
  • Pet: Elder Black Widow
  • Wielding: Sundering Draconic Scythe of Enchanting, Icy Saurian Scythe of Enchanting

Technically this is Renai Mu.v2, because I had another Dervish named Renai Mu who was going to be a survivor who died at level 5 due to my being stupid. Since she wasn't terribly far along, I deleted her and started again. She's my primary character, who does pretty much everything. I'm currently working on Hall of Monuments stuff with her, so her protégé can get a good head start.

Favorite Builds

Zealous Sweep.jpg Mystic Sweep.jpg Pain Inverter.jpg Mystic Regeneration.jpg Avatar of Lyssa.jpg Eternal Aura.jpg Faithful Intervention.jpg Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support.jpg